This Valentine

The streets are agog
with minds that are aglow
men, with eyes shining bright
over an issue that is right

right in the midst of the crowd
are lovely hearts without pride
thinking of themselves as lonely
when their perceived state is everyone's envy

the ladies are having fun
with guys by the side looking on
all eyes are on them
but can't yet see the hurt

a day like this comes
and with promises goes
but the couple remain
and greatly needs to be maintained

u remind me of a duty owed
to ones a promise I made
to my friends today I vow
and so to remain till I die

ever looked at yourself?
with the smile that you wear?
ever thought of friends?
the weight of the trust

ever pondered for a moment
the joy that awaits the heart you'll love

my friend,
you are more than you would ever imagine
the mark you leave in hearts is like magic

one more thing.....
you're my baby
so, you have a way of spreading
your charms in hearts

so then, this valentine...
right now....
as we're talking....
....some heart is relishing
the very first day
u cast a spell on him

relish then what you are!
...some soul's valentine