Yesterday I stood on your head
Looking down down at your descent
Today I came back to your foot
Wondering at my ascent

I led my self up to you
With packets of desires and whys
Were you unsurmountable
Could you be a cross to bear
Would my feet find you compatible
Could you teach the truth
And chuckling, I would be to happy
To find lice on your bushy head!

How you stood unperturbed
Jogging to your feet
Jumping over streams that cool
Your virulent lines
Singing heartily to sinking earthly worries
Am I not heaven bound

Snaking through shining path
Trampling farms
Climbing and crawling
Scampering reptiles that scared us
Still struggling,
Tired!...the cry for water
Ascension is not a rosy affair...

Still you stood unfeeling
Even these millions of feet
Couldn't gear your countenance
Going through holes
Soo cool - was that your nostril
Passing through nocturnes abode
To scorching rays of light

Still we climbed and you stood still
We held your twiggy hairs
Asking for support
We rested under boulders
Unmindful of stealthy reptiles
Our mouth, sick of water and hearty songs
This road to ascension..........

Our faces wrought in a mixture (contused)
Of anticipation, tiredness and helplessness
We forgot you are taciturn in our tiredness
We only saw the tiger in you

It was our hot blood that first sensed it
The fresh air from your bushy head
Pumped our eagerness\
Alas the last lap!
We trudged to your head
What bald! no wonder your hind hair was bushy!
Do not worry we shall be gentle
We wont give you a headache
Now that our feet are planted firmly on you
We had a nice view of earthly surroundings
Quickly forgetting the ascent, we discussed
Earthy matters in heaven tone
When you are up don't you see matter better Your fluffy hair is gray
Are you not immortal
Oh what of thes seepages
Do you urinate from your head
I dare not pinch your steepy nose
Lest I slip off.

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