Generational Song

lazy lad

The gong roared and he hissed,
"these prefects at it again"
Like an endangered mouse,
he scuttled to the locker room.

Choosing a cozy box hole
he dozed off..
he dreamt himself, all alone
in the dining hall....and
all of a sudden! water was poured on him
ah! ah!! why now ...he woke with a protest
only then did he realized,
someone innocently threw
water from unwashed plates.

"'Umh, eighty more days to go home", he yawned,
'please , just a cup of water", he begged
trudging down to the bathroom
still clad in yesterday's clothing
He calls it Indian brushing
enough to make the face and limbs shine
while craw- craw ravishes his yansh
and body odor oozes like rotten fish.

He is the mighty lord of the dinning hall,
defender of watery beans,
champion of yam without stew,
connoisseur of all that is chewable

like burning sodium
his eyes dilate
remotely controlling the server's hand
to drop the biggest piece in his bowl
while others in total despair, sweat.

it still remains a misery
but it is quite obvious
if he gets to class before midday
he may develop epileptic seizure

once, he did try
11:58 am precisely
he had to leave in a rush
scratching his body
like someone under the spell of werepe

still he must not be in the class
for the last lecture of the day
the time his business most strives
He is a courier agent -dealing in pots of food.
His profit is in the extra plates
negotiated with lazy cooks,
no wonder he doesn't bother
about lunch!

Siesta is the best time of the day,
for he will quip "all work and no rest
earns a busy man a stroke of death".

Thus, he spends the term
and when vacation day comes
he walks a sad man
with a red colored report sheet
of his business activities.

Generational Songs 1990-2000

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