The new Hollywood

"May God punish you!" screamed his mother as she threw a bucket of dirty water at him. Henry ducked then grinned sheepishly to himself. His mother's throwing skills were not as well honed as his ducking skills. He quickly jumped over the small broken fence and continued on his way to school. He was already half an hour late but hopefully he would be able to sneak in without his teacher catching him. By the time Henry got to school it was already 9:30am and it was time for literature. Literature was his favorite class. Mr Aina, the teacher was extremely articulate and so dramatic that when he read some of the passages in "The Gods are not to blame", you actually felt like part of the scene. But his luck was out. As he was about to enter his class, the principal Mrs. Aigbe spotted him and yelled "You! Come here!" Henry was startled, he thought about ducking but he remembered the boy Mrs. Aigbe had given 30 strokes of the cane and the scars on his body 2 weeks later and he decided to turn himself in quietly. Mrs Aigbe grabbed ahold of his left ear and dragged him into her office.
"Why are you coming to school by this time?" she asked him
"Sorry Ma, we had no water, I had to to go to the pump that was far from my house to fetch water" he replied in a low voice.
"Why did you not get up earlier?" she retorted
"I did ma, I did" Henry begged
"Come on, run to your class immediately" she told him
"Yes ma, yes ma" and with that, Henry ran to the class. Unfortunately, he had already missed the literature class.
"Oh, boy, the literature teacher said you should come and see him" said his friend Obi.
"Oh God, am I in trouble?" he asked trembling.
"I don't know but we had a test" Obi replied.
"Hey" Henry sighed "today is really not my day"

"Henry, Henry come here, why are you looking so sad" asked Mr. Sampson, who was an Inspector in the Nigerian Police Force that lived in the house opposite their's. He was sitting on his balcony and had seen Henry pass by without saying a word which was unusual for him. Henry still downcast, just shook his head and said "I had a bad day"
Okay come inside now and join me for a beer, you drink beer abi? Mr. Sampson asked jokingly.
Yes, sir I do" said Henry feeling better at the thought of alcohol. Five bottles of Gulder later, both Henry and Mr. Sampson whose first name was Chuka were in very high spirits so Henry was not in the least bit alarmed when Chuka took off his trousers leaving only his boxers. In fact, Henry took his trousers off too and the two of them started dancing around to Bright Chimezie's song. The next song that came on the radio was Shania Twain's new song "Forever and Always" it was a slow song so the major started swaying from side to side. Mid-way during this song, the policeman came in front of Henry and started grinding on him. Henry started to protest when he felt himself getting an erection but he was enjoying the sensation of the policeman's hands on his genitals too much to complain. Slowly but insistently, the policeman encouraged Henry to enter his bedroom. Once in the bedroom, the policeman peeled off Henry's boxers and then his own.Two hours later, Henry woke up with a pounding headache. The policeman was still lying asleep beside him. He eased himself gently out of the bed, got into his clothes and headed out of the policeman's house as fast as he could.When he got home, Henry was agitated. What happened? he wondered to himself. He tried to tell himself nothing had happened but his sore anal muscles protested otherwise. Still he tried to act as if nothing had happened but he also vowed to himself never to be alone with Mr. Sampson.

Two months later, Henry found himself residing in Ajegunle with his aunty because his father passed away. Unfortunately he could not dwell on either his father's death or the new surroundings because his Senior Secondary School Exam (SSCE) was coming up the following month. June came and went and Henry passed his new spare time with Tunji and David, his newly made singing partners. They called themselves "The A.J Boys" and told everybody they were going to blow up and go international because Ajegunle was the new "Hollywoood" having prduced musicians like Daddy Showkey and Pretty and Junior. Henry was the lead singer and his falsetto was actually very impressive. But unfortunately, the nigerian economy almost guaranteed musicians and other artistes starvation if they had other means of livelihood. With that thought at the back of his mind, Henry accepted the admission he was offered at Federal University of Technology Owerri(FUTO) to study Chemical Engineering and put his musical dream on hold.

"Omo, make we dey waka now?" said Collins as he carried the speakers to the back of the 505 Peuguot they were driving to Modotel where they were DJing a party. Collins was one of Henry's posse. Henry had quickly hooked up with other music lovers and tried to make some spare money out of DJing parties for students and other patrons alike. It was a lucrative business and a lot of fun too because they all got a chance to meet the interesting people in Owerri and other nearby towns.The party tonight was rumored to be one filled with many important people and already many girls had come up to Henry already begging him to introduce them at the party to important personalities.The party started off ok, drinks were flowing freely and people seemed to be enjoying the music
"Can I make a request?" asked a darkskinned older man holding a can of Heineken in his hand "can you please play Jay-Z?" Henry turned, that voice was familiar
Ha! Good evening Sir, Oga, Inspector!" Henry said with surprise in his voice. The last person he expected to see in Owerri was Inspector Sampson. The Inspector in turn was surprised and very happy to see Henry.
"Hmm, so what are you doing in Owerri currently?" the Inspector asked Henry around 4am when the party was over and they were packing up their equipment.
"Sir, I am studying Chemical Engineering here at FUTO" Henry replied
"Thats great, I am currently in posted in Owerri and I am no more an Inspector, I am now an Assistant Commissioner of Police"
'Ah, congratulations sir, congrats."
"Thank you" the Inspector now Assistand Commissioner Sampson replied. Later that month, Henry found out that the Assistant Commissioner was merely being modest. Not only was he a Commissioner , he was actually one of the top men at Shell Camp. He had invited Henry and his friends to help him in moving some new furniture that he had bought and after the moving, he had decided to treat them to dinner at Concorde Hotel. The boys made the best use of the opportunity. First they ordered pounded yam and the traditional Ofe owerri that was a delicacy because it was made with a lot of meat, storkfish and other different kinds of fish. The soup was very thick and very tasty. With each ball of pounded yam, there was at least a piece of goat meat, cowtail or assorted fish to go with it. The boys were extremely grateful to Henry for his connections and the Assistant Commissioner for the good food. After they had washed down the meal with some Heineken, the boys decided to head off to Nekede Polytechnic to see some babes. Collins had a girlfriend Chika who was at Nekede studying Food Technology and Eze, another of Henry's friends was trying to get Chika to hook him up with Joy, her friend.
"Okay Sir, bye bye, thank you very much sir for the meal" said Henry as he was about to hop into the dusty 505 along with the other boys.
"Ah, ah, stay small now, tell me about the rest of your family and how they are doing, I'm quite concerned about them" said the Assistant Commissioner. Henry declined quickly but his boys encouraged him to stay afterall, he had known the Assistant Commissioner from a while back so there was no need to antagonize what would definitely prove to be a important connection. Henry accepted defeatedly, there was no way he could communicate how he felt to his boys so he entered Chuka Sampson's Mercedes and drove off with him.
When they got to the Assistant Commissioner's palacious house, Henry sat down quietly in one corner of the room"Haba! Henry, I'm not going to eat you. I'm really sorry about what happened a few years back. I really wanted to apologize but you did not give me the chance" said Chuka.
"Ok, Sir no problem, but I still think its time I went home. Its getting late" Henry told him with a silent appeal in his eyes.
"Have you watched James Bond's "Die another day"? Its really interesting. I 'll take you home after we have watched the film ok? Chuka asked him.
"Ok, Sir" replied Henry. The film turned out to be very interesting and action packed. He also got to see his dream girl, Halle Berry in a swimsuit! He thought she was very pretty. As they were watching the film, Chuka had been plying him with different types of drinks from cognac to different red windes. He particularly appreciated the Bailey's Irish Creme and did not even notice he had drank half the bottle all by himself.Soon enough, Henry was as drunk as a skunk but he still wanted to go back to his room on-campus but Chuka refused.
"My friend, its late. Don't you know even Owerri is dangerous at night? I will drop you in the morning, no problem ok?
Grudgingly, Henry agreed to leave in the morning. Chuka fixed up one of the bedrooms for him and he fell asleep almost as soon as his head touched the pillow. In the middle of the night, he woke up to Chuka fondling his manhood. Henry was not so angry as bewildered at the fact that he really was enjoying Chuka's hand on him. He closed his eyes and concentrated on enjoying what Chuka was doing to him. A few minutes later, whispering softly into his ears, Chuka asked him
Are you awake?"
"Yes" said Henry. He loathed himself, at this moment, he should have been running out of the room, instead he was trembling with anticipation of this new feeling that was about to surpass any he had had before.
"Why me, Oh God, why not somebody else?" Henry thought to himself. But soon,warm moist lips encompassed his shaft and any guilt he felt quickly dissolved.