BunmiGenerational Song 1990-2000 1. FOREWARD 3 2. ADIEU 3 3. WHAT WILL BE 3 4. LAZY LAD 3 5. GOODBYE...... 4 6. WHEN YOU SHALL LAUGH 4 7. FOR YOU ............ 4 8. MEE 5 9. REPARATION 5 10. MY UROBOHO FRIEND 5 11. BAKASSI 5 12. LAGOS ISLAND 5 13. KUDIRAT ABIOLA 5 14. HOPE 6 15. IN SEARCH OF A JOB 6 16. OUR SUPPLICATION 6 17. MOZA ON FIRE 6 18. MOUNTAINEERING 7 19. VISIT OF A GODDESS 7 20. EMBERS 7 21. AIDS 8 22. SONGS OF NOWADAYS 8 23. BEGGING OMOLE FOR TONY FASH& CO. 8 24. LAGBAJA 8 25. KEN SARO WIWA 9 26. THOSE DAYS 9 27. YOU 9 28. DESTINY.. HE SHAPE OF OUR LAND 9 29. COMING OF AGE 10 30. LITLE SOUL 10 31. SUPPLICATION 10 32. I WENT TO A CHURCH 10 33. THE TRUTH 10 34. ASUU STRIKE 10 35. SONG OF A CON MAN 11 36. TYPHOID 11 37. MY WALLET 11 38. PRAISE SONG 11 39. BINI 12 40. WAY FARER 12 41. SEA SCHOOL APAPA 12 Foreward I write so that they will Know of our today Our young ones So that it might help them To shape their future For Man will always learn To you reader I was not trained as a wordsmith So do not forget that the sweetness of these lines Are better enjoyed with the tongue Of "gbogbo obe" Enjoy yourself Adieu If pain could just mean sorrow And sorrow loss If only loss could be a permanence, Then pain will not be temporary. Alas , for we gasp for something better When we let go , the tightly held And the pain of loss is kindled At least by the hope Of a free air.... The worth of what you've got Can it ever rival the yet- gotten Our journey here , must be devoid Of eternal entanglement Least we debar greater things We sing of sadness At the rememmbrance of happy days forgone At the loss of good things At the regrets of things left undone Only if we know It prepares us for the upflight I am pained at this parting For there won't be a chance again To do what my dreams command I must take it this way For this will surely come back Albeit in another form Making me better prepared. What will be You told me..... I thought it couldn't be You reasoned me out........ I resort to my whims I invoked autosuggestion You kept quipping Que sera sera. You won ! lazy lad The gong roared and he hissed, "these prefects at it again" Like an endangered mouse, he scuttled to the locker room. Choosing a cozy box hole he dozed off.. he dreamnt himself ,all alone in the dining hall....and all of a sudden! water was poured on him ah! ah!! why now ...he woke with a protest only then did he realized, someone innocently threw water from unwashed plates. "'Umh, eighty more days to go home", he yawned, 'please , just a cup of water", he begged trudging down to the bathroom still clad in yesterday's clothing He calls it Indian brushing enough to make the face and limbs shine while craw- craw ravishes his yansh and body odor oozes like rotten fish. He is the mighty lord of the dinning hall, defender of watery beans, champion of yam without stew, connoisseur of all that is chewable like burning sodium his eyes dilate remotely controlling the server's hand to drop the biggest piece in his bowl while others in total despair, sweat. it still remains a misery but it is quite obvious if he gets to class before midday he may develop epileptic seizure once, he did try 11:58 am precisely he had to leave in a rush scratching his body like someone under the spell of werepe still he must not be in the class for the last lecture of the day the time his business most strives He is acourier agent -dealing in pots of food. His profit is in the extra plates negotiated with lazy cooks, no wonder he doesn't bother about lunch! Siesta is the best time of the day, for he will quip" all work and no rest earns a busy man a stroke of death". Thus, he spends the term and when vacation day comes he walks a sad man with a red colored report sheet of his business activities. Goodbye...... If pain could just mean sorrow And sorrow , loss If only loss could be a permanence, Then pain will not be temporary. Alas , for we gasp for something better When we let go , the tightly held And the pain of loss is kindled At least by the hope Of a free tomorrow.... The worth of what you've got Can it ever rival the yet- gotten? Our journey here , must be devoid Of eternal entanglement Least we debar greater things. We sing of sadness At the remembrance of happy days forgone, At the loss of good things, At the regrets of things left undone, Only if we know It prepares us for the greater flight. I am pained at this parting For there won't be a chance again To do what my dreams command I must take it this way For this will surely come back Albeit in another form Making me better prepared. When you shall laugh She laughed This stark senescence Exclaimed her ! Shrivelled warmth..... How could a a new form emerge Sssh does it really call for laughter Can't you see the end is dead How could you ever thought Of breaking such steel With a weapon as feeble as mere WORD She laughed Ah ah aha Asking HIM why ? A deceit callenstenics These shrevvelled fold Can it ever enfold a baby Eh when you will start to laugh\ You will know There is power in THE WORD For you ............ I will always think of many things Whenever I think of you. I will always think of a flower For your sincerity blossoms like a colorful flower I will always think of the sun Your kindness touches like it I will always think a smile Yours is just too unique I will always think a baby For you trust like a child I will think of the air Can I ever do without you For you , I will always think Of many things For you seems to be everything To me MEE Who is me If mee could just flicker out.....like that Lovely one of toothy smile Why the scythe so swift Why your leave that hasty Reparation Telling them I shall sit them down And use your theaterics To weave bundle of tales To these un born under the moon eyes I shall yarn them How you came through the sea With a bible and a bait How you fed us with the word And still feed them with our sweat How you sequestrate oyur mentality Returning it a piece albeit adulterated I shall tell them How you frustrate ...... I shall recall .............. My Uroboho friend Ovie must hear this Ughelli has given me a princess A toothy one at that With a ready smile In a heartful of love No how can I hide it She is a witch Whose frown is enough to whip me to senses Her smile sugars my moment Whose laugh liven my spirit Whose worries make me restless Whose aura radiate joy Her pecularities and in between make me Wa ooh ! bakassi Who owns Bakassi God, Nigeria or Cameron ? In our very self Why won't we fight? Such a delicate thing Remember Bakassi is a serious matter That men will lay Down their life But what God has created Why take such to ICJ Don't you know Bakassi knows her owner if you still don't know the Bakassi I mean then you do not even know Bakassi Lagos Island You sit in low water Near the high sea Fertilized by saline waters From below and about. You gave bountifully to them that strive still you make them thrive that stealth on others kudirat Abiola The dream a hope The struggle a triumph The annulment an injustice The proclamation an incarceration The cause an uprising The mum a lone voice amongst her peer The woman a realization The lone loud voice a silence adieu she was silenced hot lead in hot blood melted on an unmarked spot save for secrecy will you ever tell if you were there who killed Kudi we celebrated her with our mind reminding time when shall thou tell but for another death That renewed our hope How will we ever know That she was killed for Fifty thousand naira. Hope We are marching to Zion We hold the olive branch Green and very fresh But we are feverish Our hearts held hostage Between a crescendo of uncertainty And descendo of obscurity We were born with the Biafra, We read of those terrible coup tales We witnessed the annulment We saw the Ogoni carnage We even participated in the elections Hoping to get there sooner But the path becomes weary and we are wary these tortuous bends, retracting stretches of pain Would it ever rival our endurance? In search of a job come today...... check back tomorrow.... 'tis like an ocean surge human perfection of humane deception Cushioning rejection shock.... afraid of reality? A camel and a needle eye, a job and a mentor-less applicant a motherless wrestler may still have a comforter a job searcher has no sympathizer, but God ? The scorching sun torrent rain wearied sole weird souls in search of a job. Is it frustration or challenge, information or bad news, when you are told to check next door Our supplication Allow us not to be bowled for ephemeral it rages its below not more of a scathing vapor allow us not to be broken for tantalizing its torture its depth not, never near the marrow allow us not to succumb for once wrought it's irrevocable its regime not more than a life time then give us the strength to strangle it let , to our young anxious faces , us stiffle , thee last bad breadth of him, from our clan, out ...out Moza on fire Immmersion heater Pot of beans ( oh God!) Water evaporated Mini explosion Whoosh of flames As electric spark ignites The dance of destruction Cracleks and coars Foam burning Clothes Weird looking teddy bears Word ablaze Mansion crashing Sickening stench of fumes Psss...............boom ! Gas explosion Smoke Cries Excitement Siren Fire crew - actionless Awo chaps, angola boys Unwelcome nocturnal visitor Order shouted Some frigthened Some obeyed Some ignored ..............that was the inferno Mountaineering Yesterday I stood on your head Looking down down at your decesnt Today I came back to your foot Wondering at my anscent I led my self up to you With packets of desires and whys Were you unsurmontable Could you be a cross to bear Would my feet find you compatible Could you teach the truth And chuckling, I would be to happy To find lice on your bushy head ! How you stood unperturbed Jogging to your feet Jumping over streams that cool Your virulent lines Singing heartily to sinking earthly worries Am I not heaven bound Snaking through shining path Trampling farms Climbing and crawling Scampering reptiles that scared us Still struggling , Tired !...the cry for water Ascension is not a rosy affair... Still you stood unfeeling Even these millions of feet Couldn't gear your contenance Going through holes Soo cool - was that your nostril Passing through nocturnes abode To scotching rays of light Still we climbed and you stood still We held your twiggy hairs Asking for support We rested under boulders Unmindful of stealthy reptiles Our mouth , sick of water and hearty songs This road to ascencion.......... Our faces wrought in a mixture (contuse) Of anticipaqtion , tiredness and helplessness We forgot you are taciturn in our tiredness We only saw the tiger in you It was our hot blood that first sensed it The fresh air from your bushy head Pumped our eagerness\ Alas the last lap ! We trudged to your head What bald ! no wonder your hind hair was bushy! Do not worry we shall be gentle We wont give you a headache Now that our feet are planted firmly on you We had a nice view of earthly sorroundings Quickly forgetting the anscent, we discussed Earthy matters in heaven tone When you are up don't you see matter better Than those below ? Your fluffy hair is gray Are you not immortal Oh what of thes seepages Do you urinate from your haed I dare not pinch your steepy nose Lest I slip off. Visit of a goddess She came floating to me Behold my angel comes Such a heavenly aura she dote Lased with coyness and felinity Have you seen a goddess smile This one melts hearts She wouldn't want to sit A goddess has little time to waste But she did ( do angles pretend?) God ! I talked with an angel I asked of her folk How will an earthy person Knows of heavenly folks She refused my hospitality Too mundane for celestiality And when an angel takes her leave She must not be seen with human beings Embers Starlight of my life Shine shine shine Sparkle of my mirth Light light light Laughing with you What life else could be Tell me then , why why why Do you hide it from me Love bears all while you bare all Aids You came with a jinx Upon reaching the plateaux Extruding the virus at the climax That steathly strive on the body,s soldiers You bastard of unknown anscentry Sweeling with geometric fecund .................................................. to be continued Songs of nowadays Listen not only to the lyrics The rhythm has also changed The song of nowadays Are sung with all it takes It was reconciliation Decorated with promises Of a better tomorrow Now we talk of confedaration The song of nowadays Is better danced with one leg We voted them in To vetoed our woes Now they have forgotten us Buying furnitures all over the places I tell you the rhythm has only changed The music is still the same Listen carefully Can't you discern these Background acapella ? The songs of nowadays Are sung by singers Supported by disgruntled chorister We painted cities in murderous carnival This time of peace has loosen our stiffled Murderous tendencies Now they watched complacently Can't you see that the style has changed Has the lyrics changed ? They were the only party At the contract they made with the people To squnader our taxed sweat On wished but unnecessary projects Isn't it still the same ochestra They are just trying a new instrument My folks I tell you The songs of nowadays Are better danced to With all our senses Lest it swayed us to more ruins Begging Omole for Tony Fash& Co. Father, they call you Father! Listen not to the lyrics again Rythms are changing Can you not hear it Song of nowadays Song of reconcilaition From Aso rock To kirikiri People are savouring airs of hope Father I asked you Knowledge delayed Isn't it dangerous ? The lost goats are here Bleating for forgiverness Breathing with ebbed hopes Father listen not to the old tune But the song of the moment Lagbaja I went to mother land To see the famed masquerade The one with the saxy voice And numerous legs when the drums beat. Have you been to motherland Come and see our egungun Masked in joseph's uniform Reeling tumultous african rhythm. He calls himself lagbaja Enough to desuade curious admirer For lagbaja only means nobody Whenever he is unmasked He will wake up mungo park With his sax and bata drums Weaving folksongs and lore Into modern awakening I love lagbaja so much Not only because his dancing steps For his music celebrates The beauty of black Tantaliser Once a blind man Was assited down a cab Along CMS bus stop His nostril saw the symbol Welcome to tantaliser This must be the place he said The aroma seeping through Has made the bustop rowdy Unassisted he follwoed the aroma To the gate of tantaliser Ken Saro Wiwa My Lomba wan Man What a land Is it an exploitation What a voice Is it not too loud ? What a neck In a hang man noose What a cause Is this the end ? He was a raging fire No wonder he was mightily hushed He was my lomba wan man He died for his people . Those days In those days When we hoped for the best Only to become better and worse Those days when civilians are rare Then might ridiculed right Then steel snout Pouted at deeds of civility Boasting to scater it Then we wondered Isn't the steel from this same earth came Aren't we the world we asked ? Still why do we only steal A look at the steel Weren't we a coward When few motals threatened with motars Then hope was our only consolation We wondered can this looming cloud shift For cooling rays on battered nerves and smoking steel snout But for a death , our songs might have been a dirge You You have a cleft Sensuosly hidden By mirth of luscious lips You have a smile Encompassingly passionate By air of sincerity You are a heart Subtly opened By aura of warmth Destiny.. he shape of our land On behalf Of my hopeless helpless Million sibblinbs God , oh god We can't just be silent Must melanine a curse With humilation and derision to carry ? Our youth..... In endless hope A race ....besiege of riuns A land.....receptacle of waste I loked upward Craving your attention My grief stricken sibblings do Suffering striving black mothers do So are our baffled battered fathers. Is it sheer luck ? This hammer shape of our destiny To be hammered by woes of Hunger Frustration Exploitation Discrimination Diseases ? poverty Wars ...............God the list is long enough to touch your cloth hem I asked for how long Will my littles ones Not in hundreds But in millions Daily die from hammering Coming of age Can I easily forget My yesterdays morning While in total abadonment We gave our selves To the airs and the world Unmindful of what to come And what they think of us Why should it be now ? Why must I a choice made At this resurgence When the same air still blow And on the same sand I tread Now they watch Bottle heartedly As I make my choice I ask , which of these must I don For I fear, most are Badly sewn with a beautiful design. Litle soul High vorticity Wild dancing Unseen dancer Blanket moving The air is hot Now when the spirit moves Fastest tempo Muscle spasm Beauty fluid Mesmerisation Wild wind blowing While the spirit moves Little souls has to be quiet supplication I crave to wrought smile To dissolve deceit To mar misery And to bloom laughter With my words Like a craftman That inner will To roll out Out..out...out... This I crave God, please , please Give give give The power in Word I went to a church God I went to a church Julie invited me I went to a church today Inside a big hall in a hotel The pastor and deacons sat On a high table and the Congreation comfortably Seated looking at each other I went in so late, so as to be Exact for the main action God am I African in thine eyes I looked around me Girls in all forms and moods Men in different pre occupations There were no choirs And this gentleman preached He talked on Regularly Didn't they say variety is the spice of life? He told me how daniel Prayed regularly And how your son did his regularly He so flourish that word , that I guessed \he preaches regularly..... Telling me to be coming also .... Regularly ! The truth Incontrovertible It stands And stares wickedly Restrospectively it moves And frees unconditionally Punctiliously It uncovers And shows unvarnishedly How emphemeral its elusiveness That makes its resurgence Inevitable and conspicous Asuu Strike Let us dust our books They call again Are they tired of the game Ping pongs do not complain They promised us a vision But to vacillate our future When two animals Of uneequal weight Moreso if one has claw And the other a paw If one beat the other To shit. The grass has to be content with the putrid glory it is no miracle of numeracy when 4 years turn 6 and six years , eight it is just the fight of two animals one curiously with a claw the other a voice and a paw haplessly we watched undecided which side to be when our future is being scalded each blow correctly connected echoes a gasp on indigent mother's aorta and a silent vernom spits from frustrated fathers sequestrating our future can we spare patriotism eh ! our today, could it portend the tommorow you want knowledge delayed isn't denial it is knowledge unknown pawkishly the paw beats the drum spoiling for confrontation how come we couldn't hear we learnt it echoed , even to the rock what has remote sensing got to to do with animal rind we are ping pongs of history when the youth are quitened there is trouble somewhere but let us pretend it is for coming generation...... even if it is true the game seems unending it is only one of those breaks. Song of a con man Let me praise myself There are no two like me That smile the wicked world in face Didn't I laugh at fellow vanity Because they do not know how it's done Do I need to wait till sunset Ah ! the sun has not risen , and I am eating Two like me this world a paradise Three it turns to hell strong man works and sighs me I walk and smile ! Typhoid You that come stealthily Unmannered and unannounced And tantalize the body With repeated heating and cooling You that hammer one's head With your tiny fists And roll bundle of pain in the gut Eater of guts Why do you imitate plasmodium so shamelessly Bastards of filthy cradle Samollena of no specific symptom Are those bitter quinine so sweet You always have to be sopped Before revealing your dreaded self My wallet There were times You held millions Then, felt I contented Never for once feeling want There will be times You will hold better It is no dream my dear These sweat that irrigate you Will surely fruitate it. Oh now you reek of emptiness ......though ephemeral how I wish you could once again attract those crispy notes I wouldn't mind even if dirty Just to fatten both of us. Praise song Am I not the little soul Courting unseen drummers My dancing steps in fluidy beauty Causing you mesmerisation Spectacular to satiation I am the ageless riddle Of the white dove...... Do not think I don't know ! Bini I shall patiently wait For permission to come in Only if it is not yet igwe though I am no white man still a visitor must wait at your door oh ! mighty kingdom your princess this beautiful......and free ! the stories I have heard my footsteps must never rival my commonsense Great Bini What is this they call santana Hard like the macalla seed Your soup, like the color of bronze I'd rather take a dip at ikopa To rid this sweat after. Way farer Eyi tie ba se leo ro Eyi tie ba se leo ro Kiti kiti lomiran n mile oh Eyi tie ba se le o ro A journey just started To greater glory Isn't with tiled asphalt A sole well sored Will weep no more In the soothing aura of success Life was created For everyone, but with a law That the faint 'll Everbow to the strong Pls be strong dreams are relised not without having no hope Sea school Apapa My debut on the sea May this vastness always Envelope many years of rememberance Your quititude oh rumpling blanket of God Will always set my a' peace Welcome to sea school. Island of giant mosquitoes, Abode of friendly monkey crabs And ageless calcified objects. The saline breeze hums. We slept in a cloud of selected mosquitoes We were woken up To invigorating all poems by Bunmi Isinkaye (olubumi@isinkaye.com) (c) copyright of Bunmi Isinkaye moremi @ night when all activities seem ceased as the the tiny finger of time lazily trails a new dawn this place then, don a new garb I bet you wouldn't know This campus is more beautiful At night , when all the structures sleep The ecstasy of loneliness Shrouded in bountiful darkness These squawking and screeching Oh! The silent noise of this night Why must we then sleep When the night at its best is Thus set I to explore The night of a beauty. Generational Songs 1990-2000 olubunmi@isinkaye.com