Generational Song 1990-2000


If pain could just mean sorrow
And sorrow , loss
If only loss could be a permanence,
Then pain will not be temporary.

Alas , for we gasp for something better
When we let go, the tightly held
And the pain of loss is kindled
At least by the hope
Of a free tomorrow....

The worth of what you've got
Can it ever rival the yet- gotten?
Our journey here , must be devoid
Of eternal entanglement
Least we debar greater things.

We sing of sadness
At the remembrance of happy days forgone,
At the loss of good things,
At the regrets of things left undone,
Only if we know
It prepares us for the greater flight.

I am pained at this parting
For there won't be a chance again
To do what my dreams command
I must take it this way
For this will surely come back
Albeit in another form
Making me better prepared.

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