Freaky Chicks

I remember being a big fan of Hints back in the days and later when they split up, a big fan of hearts. They had great stories and great columns. I really enjoyed Fridays when the magazine came out. I especially liked Reginald Ibe's column and 9 to 5 but actually I brought that up because I remember reading an article in Hints about "hard babes". The intention of the article was to define a hard babe and boy was I shocked to see all the stuff that chicks could actually do. Not that I'm in anyway a saint but, that blew me away. Damn! So I was having this conversation with my supervisor about "one of them freaky chicks". Don't, don't even try to ask me how we got into that conversation but the fact is that we did and after the conversation, I started wondering to myself, who is a "freaky chick?" Readers, your comments are welcome. Babes, you've got to take this test.

Are You A Freaky Chick?

1.How many times can you have sex in a day?

a. Once or Twice
b.About three to six times
c.Energizer battery, I go on and on

2.What is the maximum number of men you have had in one day?
c.Three or more

3.How many times have you slept with the husband of a close relative?
c.A few times

4.How many times have you slept with a total stranger?
b.Once/A few times
c.More than 7 times

5. If asked to count, what would you need to tabulate the number of men you have slept with?
a.Nothing, I am a virgin
b.My fingers, I have only slept with a few men
c.A notebook, only I might not remember all their names

6. If I meet a guy I am hugely attracted to, I would
a.Pray that he notices me
b.Walk around him a few times
c.Find a way to initiate a conversation with him

7. How many times have you had an abortion
a.Never been down that road
b.Once or Twice
c.Abeg, its no big deal

8. You and your man are at a party and you feel the need for some sex, you will
a.Endure until you get home
b.Smooch and make out with him in a hidden spot
c.Find the toilet or somewhere and do it there

9. If the men in your neighborhood were to give you a name, it would be
a. Saint Agnes
b. Chick wey don make am
c. Generous

10. The minimum amount of men you have dated at one time is
a. One
b. Two or more
c. They come and they go

How did you Score?

Mostly A's
Babe, are you in this world at all, are you sure you are telling the truth? Better go back and take the test again and this time tell the truth! Just kidding but you must be a saint or something. Keep doing what you are doing girl
Mostly B's
Chick, na small thing you for enter freaky oh! You are real, you catch your fun but you don't overdo it but sometimes its not exactly easy to see when you cross the line. Start watching it now
Mostly C's
Alaye! You no just gree! How far now? No doubt, you may be having a lot of fun getting money and other stuff from men but don't treat yourself like dirt. True, guys may like you and keep coming but they will definitely laugh at you behind your back. Watch yourself!

How did yours truly do in the test? Oh lala...............

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