A Do-Right Kind Of Guy.

During my first year in college, I remember an English class I took. I had to explain what I was looking for in a mate. Unfortunately, the teacher asked us to read our essays out in front of the whole class and this is University I am talking about not secondary school (just trying to clarify stuff sha) I think there and then I got one of my first culture shocks to hear the girls talking about "My guy must have money and great looks so we can make a beautiful baby".

Alright! I almost jumped off my seat at that and I must say,this gave me an insight on what some people's priorities were. To my utter amazement, practically the rest of the class followed suit and to tell the truth, I was feeling pretty stupid going up there and talking about character, ambition and honesty. Whew! that is a day I will not forget in a hurry.

Now when my friends ask me what I'm looking for in a guy, I say, always lowering my voice at this point "A do-right kind of guy"
"A do-right kind of guy? What does that mean?" they always respond and I always wish to end that conversation at that point. Because it is too hard to fully explain what I want in a guy without getting tied up in knots.

Now, I wish to try to put down on paper what my do-right kind of guy will be like. My do-right kind of guy is basically Mr. Nice. I know many girls don't like this kind of guys considering them boring or too clingy but they can knock on my door any time. A Mr. Nice will move the world for you if he can. He will be considerate about your feelings and will work with you over rough patches and even if or when you break up, he will definitely not be the kind of guy to embarrass you or make you unnecessarily sad. I see it this way, what exactly is the fun going out with somebody who will treat me despicably (remember he is not nice) when we break up, or in his actions towards me even while we are dating. I have a friend whose boyfriend stands her up, left, right and center and its as if he has no clue that he hurts her. I advised her to kick him to the curb in no time. A Mr. Nice will say to himself "this is not cool, I will not do this to her" and abide by it but when the guy is more interested in himself than you, you bet there will be trouble. Did I hear you ask where can I find this guy? Yes they do exist though they complain they finish last, and I am not just talking about him treating me nicely, I also watch his interaction with other people, that leads me to form an opinion about his character.

My do-right kind of guy will never say to me "women should ....." cos he will regard me as his mate, partner and equal. A 50-50 relationship will be not be enough for me. I want 100-100 relationship where the both of us will give the best we can of ourselves. He will encourage me, respect me and have regard for who and what I am. I don't seek a perfect man, I really don't but I would somebody who would try to do things for our relationship.

Infidelity? Thats a big no-no and while I can understand that men are more prone to the flesh than females and I do stand corrected, I will like my do-right kind of guy to try to keep away from cheating so as not to hurt me and I promise that I will not cheat on him in return. As my friend says, "why can't I walk into a store and order a man the way I order my fries or chicken? I want my man made just for me!" Girl, don't give up, this may not be Burger King but he's out there. Life is hard and doesn't make you any promises but I hope to meet my ideal mate and I hope he's waiting for me too....

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