What did it take to be a happening girl? Lots of things. Firstly,u had to want to be a happening girl. The desire had to be there. A strong craving to be noticed, to outshine the other bright stars, to be the one or one of the ones every body talked about. Secondly, u had to have self confidence. Plenty of self confidence to absorb it all,cos you know people would be hating on you and all those lies you told about going to London over the holidays, you had to be bold to stand by it when all the people that saw you in your mother's store came to tell.
Basically that was all you needed. Some people used their rents' wealth as a take-off board but smart babes didn't always need to have that. An active imagination and a good memory was okay. You took what you saw from movies and added some of your personal details and you were set. As long as you could re-describe in detail the way you did the first time the hot, hot dress you wore that made Abiola's son (what's his name again? Jide? Femi? Remi? Justin)go crazy with passion and dash you his cute merc coupe. Hello! Shoot you were good for life. Some girls knew how to work it but damn! it was so funny to see some girls clawing, (striving hard as my friend Chioma Anozia would say)just to be noticed. Giving away all their good things to those bad-ass seniors who knowing fully well what the deal was, sucked the "amonges" dry and promptly went to talk about them. Na wa! But as you know, that was part of school, defining yourself in relation to your environment and other people (supu grammar!)And as such, you made friends with certain people that today you say "I can't believe we were best friends!" But don't worry you are not alone.In political science, they say "No permanent friends, only permanent interests" and as soon as the reason for that particular friendship was satisfied, you moved on, vanishing like the vapors according to our good friend, Biggie Smalls.
So that was what we all thought when we noticed the blossoming friendship between Nneka and Udo. Nneka was the first and only daughter of one of our core staff. They lived on school property and were reputed to be very rich. Nobody was really sure of the source of income but rumors had it that papa who was nowhere around(read separated) had made some serious money or was it mama's papa? You never know. Anyways girlfriend moved into the dorm (wonder why) and was became best of friends with Udo. Now Udo on the other hand was just all wrong. They lived in Lagos and had money but this sistah was just ugly! Sorry didn't wanna use that word but that is like the kindest word to describe her.She was plump and shapeless. She was light-skinned but her lips were thick and black and she had this horrible bass voice that made you want to be a million miles from her but I gotta give her this, the girl had confidence. She was loud,I mean she just had to be heard okay? Imagine girlfriend had the nerve to wear this sexy little panties and miniscule bra and walked all the way from green house to red house to confront a girl who was supposed to have said something about her.I tell you, you see everything in the boarding house. Just because she had it, no matter that she was looking like a toad in the get-up, no matter at all. So Udo and Nneka decided they were going to have a joint locker and started bragging about having 101 tins of geisha and sardines. This strange bedfellows were having a bam time until wahala burst. One of Udo's toasters saw a picture of Nneka and started toasting her by mail. Udo saw one of the letters and all hell broke loose and that's another story altogether.

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