Friend or Flunky?

Who is a friend? What exactly does a friend do? Readers tell me, what do you expect from your friends? What is the extent of what you would do for a friend? When I was younger, I believed being a friend meant doing anything and infact everything for the friend but a personal experience taught me to be reasonable both in my expectations from a friend and the length I go to for a friend.

It was a regular schoolday.We had eaten beans in the morning and rushed to class. We were supposed to have a Maths test and everybody was going through some last minute motions of studying for the test. Well Math period came and Mrs Aviola wrote the test on the board and everybody started scribbling on their sheets. Well I don't know about everybody else but cheating was widespread in my class. To be honest, we thought of it as just a little thing. Nobody really believed that looking at your neighbor's paper was a big deal so we all did it (or at least most of us) so when Bella whose desk was right in front of us (Angela and I) asked
"Is No 2 negative 8 or positive 8?"
"Positive 8" replied Angela
Unfortunately,at the last minute Angela realized that the correct answer was negative 8 so she quickly changed hers. When Bella found out after we had all turned in our papers that Angela had changed her own answer without informing her of the new answer, she was near tears. Angela too was upset and so (readers, here I need your help) she turned to me and said
"Can you slide by the desk where the papers are and put a negative in front of the 8 on Angela's paper? It is right on top."
And you guessed it! I went! Why did I go? And to be real honest with you, it was not like I was a pushover or something because trust me, people knew not to mess with me. I could quarrel long and hard but still I went. Actually, I thought I was being a good friend to both Angela and Bella but now I know I was plain stupid. So feeling like a good friend, I ran out there and quickly put a negative sign in front of the answer on Bella's paper. But just as I was leaving, my archenemy Justina caught me and she was like
"What are you doing?"
"Nothing" I quickly replied
Naturally, girlfriend did not believe me and she quickly ran to Mrs Aviola and reported me. Mrs Aviola who was old school could not believe her ears
"You actually did that?" she yelled at me
"Sorry ma,sorry ma" I pleaded
"Do you want to go to prison? Do you know you can go to prison for that?" she asked me incredulously
"No Ma, No Ma"I cried
Well, at the end nothing came out of it. All three of us were punished and that was the end of that.But still, I believe my rep must have gone down one or two notches because some of my classmates must have seen me as some kind of flunky for Angela and Bella. So tell me dear readers what do you think? Friend or flunky? What was I on that day?

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