Last Apartment of Red House

High school or secondary school as we called it in Nigeria could be fun although right now not even wild horses will drag me back to experience that fun.

Well basically, certain memories linger more than others and that was the case for me with the last apartment of Red house. Firstly, the room or apartment as we learnt to call it(who started all those ridiculous names because there was certainly nothing apartment-like about the room) was a lot smaller that the four rooms preceding it. But like any thing Nigerian(not trying to diss my country, just stating a fact)the builders probably just looked at it, shrugged and went their ways. Wetin concern agboro with overload abi blind man with NEPA. Then the residence staff forced as many double bunks as they could into the little space.

We, the occupants were like sardines in a can but ...hello! worse things have been known to happen. As for the occupants, that was another story.We had Rhonda the famous thief,Nneka the town dog and a lot of smarty-pants including me.
Firstly, Rhonda was also a big chick. How does that happen?Don't even ask. For some reason, her opinion on the latest fashion, dancestep and music was respected and girlfriend didn't have any qualms about going to your locker to palm your cabin biscuits or any thing else for that matter.

Nneka on the other hand, had problems keeeping her legs closed. Halfway through the term, Nneka disappeared and nobody heard from her until the beginning of the next term. Her poor parents thinking their daughter was hitting her books hard were ignorant of the fact that their daughter was not in school and paid her bus fare home only their "little girl" was not on the bus and so they searched the whole of Owerri until they discovered their daughter shacked up with a man 3 times her age. And so that was how we lived.

Now as we(as in boarders) all know, each time we move into a new apartment or even House, we make new friends. Sometimes the friendship might last for a long time or sometimes the friendship did not make it to the end of the term but hey, we all live and learn, don't we?

Well in that apartment, I teamed up with three other girls and we had a friendship with three girls a year our junior. For some reason, that kind of friendship was always subject to a lot of talk and so rumor buzzed but we were having fun. I can't remember the topics of our conversations but whatever they were, we liked them and they kept coming to our apartments and we went to theirs. That term was as boring as could be so I was keeping a diary. In it, I wrote little stuff like what somebody said or did, that I felt like putting in my diary. So the term went by and the day we were having our last assembly, some nosy person found my diary lying around (under my pillow) and took it around the apartment. I never found out who did that but like I said, the term was ending the following day and everybody was excited, packing and all what not and so that was how the whole diary saga and the last apartment of Red House ended for me. Drama as usual.

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