I went to a church

God I went to a church
Julie invited me
I went to a church today
Inside a big hall in a hotel

The pastor and deacons sat
On a high table and the
Congregation comfortably
Seated looking at each other

I went in so late, so as to be
Exact for the main action
God am I African in thine eyes
I looked around me
Girls in all forms and moods
Men in different pre occupations
There were no choirs
And this gentleman preached
He talked on regularly
Didn't they say variety is the spice of life?

He told me how Daniel
Prayed regularly
And how your son did his regularly
He so flourish that word, that I guessed \he preaches regularly.....
Telling me to be coming also ....
Regularly !

The truth
It stands
And stares wickedly
Retrospectively it moves
And frees unconditionally
It uncovers
And shows unvarnishedly
How emphemeral its elusiveness
That makes its resurgence
Inevitable and conspicuous

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