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It all started in 1999 when Derek came up with the idea of making "The Trix Commercial They Never Wanted You to See." Shortly after Derek showed his bestfriend, Phil, started making some preludes to the Trix Comics. Thus, the Trix Comics were born.

When ideas temporarily ran out for the comic hit, Trix Comics, Phil started writing many more comics. Phil was on a rampage of churning out incredibly funny (well, I think they are) comics and pictures.

Many new comics were born in small intervals of time from eachother. Canary Comics and F'd Up was pure genius. A great deal more were created along side them. So I hope that if you're down (even if you're not) that you find happiness from these Crazy Comics. - Derek

*Newest News!* Crazy Comics has now been renamed to Wired Crap. I, Derek, have recently discovered that there is Krazy Komics... piss on them.

Comics Series

Trix Comics

Blue Canary Comics

Skool Daze

Zuriel's Wacky Adventures

Stand Alone Comics

Falling Away

Comic Series: 4
Stand Alone Comics: 1
Total Comics: 12

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Derek Schrier and Philip Grills,
guest comicists Ryan Stoll

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