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The following Civil War veterans were included on our Cemetery Walk tour of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Sgt. Ernst Torgler, Company G, 37th OVI & Medal of Honor recipient

Louis von Blessingh, Capt. Company B, 14th OVI (3 months) and Lt. Col. 37th OVI

John Wallace Fuller, Colonel 27th OVI, and Brevet Major General

Henry G. Neubert, Captain, 14th OVI

James Blair Steedman, Colonel 14th OVI and Major General, USV

John Malloy and wife at the grave of Louis von Blessingh,
Capt, 14th OVI and Lt. Col. 37th OVI.

Mike Mason at the grave of Sgt. Ernst Torgler,
37th OVI, Medal of Honor recipient.

John Malloy and friend firing salute at the grave of
Major General James B. Steedman.

Left: Ric Harner at the grave of Louis von Blessingh.
Right: John Malloy and friend at the grave of James B. Steedman.

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