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1996 -- Woodlawn Cemetery

1997 -- Forest Cemetery

1999 -- Swan Creek Cemetery, Allen Family Cemetery and Waterville Cemetery

Memorial Day 2000

Willow Walk 2000

Cemetery Walk 2001

Willow Walk 2

Rededication of Civil War Memorial Urn: August 17, 2003

Riverside Cemetery 2003

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Pictures from the 2004 Encampment at Wildwood Metropark

On the weekend of May 22-23, 2004, the Greater Toledo Civil War Roundtable was invited to take part in a Civil War weekend at Wildwood Metropark. This event gave us the opportunity to tell folks about us. (Seems there are still folks in the Toledo area who don't know we exist!) Here are some pictures from that weekend.

Wildwood Civil War Weekend
Robyn Hage, Kathy Jones, John Calgie and Marilyn Witko Rosinski were on hand to answer questions and recruit new members.

Wildwood Civil War Weekend
Reenactors encampment. The event was put on by the 14th Ohio/3rd Arkansas reenactment company.

Wildwood Civil War Weekend
A "Johnny Reb" stops by to take a load off his feet.

Wildwood Civil War Weekend Wildwood Civil War Weekend Wildwood Civil War Weekend
John Calgie doing what he loves best -- talking to the kids.

Wildwood Civil War Weekend
A couple of the "Boys in Blue".

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