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Because of circumstances that are sometimes be beyond our powers to control, there may be times when the program scheduled will be changed without prior notice. We apologize in advance for any time that this may happen. Fortunately, we have not had to deal with anything like this for quite some time. All meetings are held at Navarre Park Shelter House (unless otherwise noted) and start at 7:30 PM (again, unless otherwise indicated).Updated April 30, 2013

Thursday, March 13: MEETING CANCELLED
Our originally scheduled program featuring Tom Nanzig on the topic of "The Secession of West Virginia" will be rescheduled on a later date.

Thursday, January 9:
No meeting – winter break

Thursday, February 13:
Movie & Popcorn Night: The Light of Freedom

Thursday, April 10:
Bob Goulding: Morgan’s Raid

Thursday, May 8:
Kathy Jones: General Lew Wallace

Thursday, June 12:
Picnic /GTCWRT Birthday Party
The Story of the 14th Ohio in the Words of the Men who Served

Thursday, July 10:
No meeting – summer break

Thursday, August 14:
To be announced

Thursday, September 11:
To be announced

Thursday, October 9:
Betty Metz (Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society): Mrs. Lincoln
Ms. Metz will give this presentation in period costume.

Thursday, November 13:
To be announced

Thursday, December 11:
Soup & Chili Potluck
Annual visit by Clay High School students


Luncheon Meetings start at Noon at Uncle John's Pancake House, near Secor & Central. Programs are a variety of informal discussions and presentations by members. Be sure to bring your appetite along!

All meetings are on the LAST Tuesday of the month and start at noon.

Tuesday, January 28:
This meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Tuesday, February 25:
No program was had this month due to family illness.

Tuesday, March 25:
Father William Corby of the Irish Brigade

Tuesday, April 29:
Ohio’s Civil War Governors

Tuesday, May 27:
What Really Happened on Little Round Top/p>

Tuesday, June 24:
Getting off Scott Free: Robert Kingston Scott

Tuesday, July 29:
To be announced

Tuesday, August 26:
To be announced

Tuesday, September 30:
To be announced

Tuesday, October 28:
To be announced

Tuesday, November 25:
To be announced

Tuesday, December 30:
To be announced

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