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[Memorial Urn]The Greater Toledo Civil War Roundtable is committed to the preservation of artifacts and tracts of land with historical significance. While we understand the need for residential and economic development, we are concerned with the irreversible losses that occur with expansion without regard for the consequences. In today's world of tightening budgets, the burden of saving and protecting these properties has shifted primarily to private organizations and individuals To aid in this struggle to save our heritage, the GTCWRT is a member of, or has donated money to, various preservation groups and organizations, both nationally and locally oriented.

As an Ohio Bicentennial project, the Greater Toledo CWRT undertook the project of sprucing up one of downtown Toledo's Civil War memorials. The Memorial Urn (pictured above) was originally dedicated on December 12, 1930 by Daughters of Union Veterans, Tent Number 66.

The inscription reads: Dedicated to the Memory of our Fathers 1861-1865. The Urn stands approximately 6 feet tall, including the base. The monument was in pretty good condition, but showed some minor wear and discoloration due to weather and polution. We arranged to have the monument professisonally cleaned, and have a protective sealant applied to it. A small plaque was also placed at the base of the Urn, telling when the monument was originally dedicated, and the date of the rededication.

On Sunday, August 17, 2003 at 2:00 p.m. we rededicated this Memorial Urn. To see pictures from the event, Click Here.


Of the various organizations we have joined or donated funds to, probably the best known is the Civil War Preservation Trust (formerly the APCWS and Civil War Trust). The CWPT acquires and places interpretive markers on Civil War battlefields. By saving these places from destruction by development, we preserve an important historical resource for future generations of historians and citizens alike.

In addition to the CWPT, here are a few of the organizations that the GTCWRT has donated to:

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