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Monclova Soldiers Monument in 1903
The Monclova Soldiers Monument on Decoration Day, 1903. Veterans and their families pose are seen standing and sitting at the monument.

Monument in 1999
The monument as it looked in 1999.

Restored Monument

Restored Monument

Restored Monument
The restored Monclova Soldiers Monument was rededicated on Memorial Day, 2000.

Monclova Township is situated only a few miles outside of Toledo. One of the oldest cemeteries in the area is in Monclova--Swan Creek Cemetery--and it is here that the Monclova Soldiers Monument stands.

The Monclova Soldiers Monument was erected in 1870 through the efforts of the members of Ruckel Post, No. 335, Grand Army of the Republic. The Post took its name from four brothers from the area who were killed in the War of the Rebellion. Altogether, the Ruckel family sent six sons to the war--only two came back alive. The brothers' names are:

  • George Ruckel -- 6th Michigan Cavalry, killed June 11, 1864 near Petersburg, Virginia
  • Philip Ruckel -- 60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, killed June 17, 1864 near Petersburg, Virginia
  • David Ruckel -- 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, mortally wounded in battle and died near Chattanooga, Tennessee on June 23, 1864
  • John Ruckel -- 100th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, killed August 6, 1864 near Atlanta, Georgia
  • Daniel Ruckel -- member of an Iowa regiment
  • Henry D. Ruckel -- Company I, 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Though Ruckel Post possessed neither a large membership, nor a great deal of money to work with, its members desired to remeber their fallen comrades. Five hundred dollars were raised, and a white marble monument, surmounted by an eagle, was erected and dedicated on Memorial Day, 1870. On the four sides of the monument were inscribed the names of those Monclova men who died while in their country's service.

Time has not been kind to the monument. Weather, pollution and valdalism have all taken their toll. The eagle is gone, the obelisk cracked, and the marble etchings badly worn. Since last year (1999) Monclova Township has been upgrading the cemetery, and with the help of donations from groups such as ours, have seen to it that the monument has been restored to its former glory.

The Monclova Soldiers Monument, repleat with newly-restored eagle, was rededicated on Memorial Day, 2000--130 years to the day of its original dedication. The ceremony drew nearly 200 people. Among those present were descendants of some of those whose names are inscribed in the monument; some came from as far as Illinois, Indiana, Maryland and Florida to pay their respects to ancestors who died while serving their country. Reenactors representing the 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the 100th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and Company C, 5th United States Colored Troops were also present, as well as members of the Greater Toledo Civil War Roundtable and American Legion Post 335.

The Monclova Soldiers Monument once again stands proudly overlooking the cemetery in which many a veteran lies buried. Its polished marble sides once again gleam in the sun; the names once more are clearly etched for all to see and remember. A marble eagle once again sets atop the monument, as if to stand guard over those who rest within the cemetery grounds.

The Greater Toledo Civil War Roundtable is proud to have been a part of this project, from the beginning to the successful conclusion. And we are grateful to the people of Monclova Township for accepting the challenge to save a piece of our local heritage. We can only wish the all communities would respond in such a positive manner to similar situations.

Names Appearing on the Monclova Soldiers Monument

  • Alfred O. Gunn
    Co. I, 14th OVI. Died at Lexington, Kentucky, November 29, 1861; aged 25 years.

  • Leonard H. Gunn
    Co. I, 14th OVI. Died at Lexington, Kentucky, November 24, 1861; aged 21 years.

  • Edward Allen
    Sergeant, Battery H, 1st Ohio Light Artillery. Killed at Port Republic, Virginia June 9, 1862.

  • J C House
    Co. F, 100th OVI. Killed at Buzzard Roost, Georgia May 9, 1864; aged 30 years, 5 months and 6 days.

  • Philip Ruckel
    Co. E, 60th OVI. Killed at Petersburg, Virginia on June 17, 1874; aged 26 years, 10 months, 6 days.

  • John Ruckel
    Co. F, 100th OVI. Killed at Atlanta, Georgia on August 6, 1864; aged 20 years, 4 months, 27 days.

  • L T Walker
    Co. B, 14th OVI

  • Valentine Hahn
    Co. I, 100th OVI

  • Israel Snider
    Co. F, 100th OVI. Died at Lexington, Kentucky; aged 26 years.

  • Edward Moody
    Co. I, 14th OVI. Died at Mt Vernon, Kentucky; aged 26 years.

  • Jacob Bougher
    Co. F, 100th OVI. Died at Knoxville, Tennessee July 4, 1864; aged 23 years, 11 months, 18 days

  • John E. Strayer
    Co. I, 14th OVI. Died at Ringgold, Georgia, April 11, 1864; aged 19 years, 11 months, 17 days

  • Andrew Trapp
    Corporal, Co. D, 100th OVI. Killed at Atlanta, Georgia, August 6, 1864; aged 26 years, 5 months
  • Cyrus Salsbury
    Corporal, Co. F, 100th OVI. Killed at Atlanta, Georgia, August 6, 1864; aged 32 years, 6 months

  • Levi Reeder
    Co. I, 14th OVI. Killed at Jonesboro, Georgia, September 1, 1864; aged 22 years.

  • David Ruckel
    Co. I, 14th OVI. Died June 20, 1864; aged 23 years, 5 months, 12 days

  • George E. Wagoner
    Co. F, 14th OVI. Died August 6, 1864; aged 21 years, 3 days

  • Levi McMullen
    Co. I, 14th OVI. Died at Madison, Indiana, December 18, 1864; aged 35 years, 9 months, 20 days

  • Jacob Hipp
    Died at Andersonville, Georgia, October 13, 1864; aged 23 years

  • John Cramer
    Co. F, 14th OVI. Died at Frankfort, Kentucky, March 16, 1862; aged 26 years

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