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May 29, 2000

Pictures from the Rededication of the Monclova Soldiers Monument Swan Creek Cemetery, Monclova Township, Ohio.

Monclova Soldiers Monument Monclova Soldiers Monument Marble Eagle

Pictures showing the restored Monclova Soldiers Monument. A marble eagle is once more perched atop the monument, keeping watch.

Roundtable Members

Roundtable Members. Top row, left to right: Robyn Hage, Dick Davey, Dane Copti, Tom Roth, Mike Doblinger and Lou Tarsha. Seated in front, left to right: Chet and Marybeth Landis, Dolores Jones.

Roundtable Members Ladies of the 14th OVI

Left: Members John Calgie, and George and Patti Wandover attending the rededication ceremony.
Right: Ladies of the 14th Ohio reenactment company.

Mike Doblinger Clark Morgan

Left: President Mike Doblinger speaking on behalf of the Roundtable.
Right: Clark Morgan, 5th USCT and member of the Roundtable.

Bob Minton Tony Valentine

Left: Bob Minton speaking on behalf of the 14th OVI.
Right: Tony Valentine representing the 100th OVI. Both regiments have men whose names are on the Monclova Soldiers Monument.

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