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Fritz Jaffke

Fritz Jaffke

Fritz is the oldest son of Alfred and M Jaffke. From information written on the back of this picture, it seems that Fritz was probably born around 1895. As Marianne Jaffke writes, "The young soldier is Fritz Jaffke when he was 18. In the times when Germany still had an emporer, every 18-year-old man had to join the army."

On the backside is written:

"Das ist mein šltester / Sohn, Fritz, da wahr / er 18 Jahre wie er aus / gebildet wurde" Marianne Jaffke's translation: "This is my oldest / son, Fritz, there he was / 18 years when he was trained.

Marianne adds: "It's was funny to read the short sentence about this picture. There's a striking spelling mistake. He write the German word wahr which means true. But he didn't want to say anything was real or true. The word he was thinking of was war (without the H), which means "was" in English." What Albert meant to write: Fritz was 18; what he actually wrote was Fritz true 18. "As long as the words war and wahr exist in the German language, that long most Germans make the mistake...they just forget the H."

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