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If I had not encountered a great deal of ignorance in the course of doing rescue work, I would not feel these comments necessary. Sadly, that is not the case. Just for your information: Rescue is NOT a for-profit business, nor is it supported by public funds; monetarily speaking, it is extremely costly to those who are involved with it.

Domesticated animals, i.e. dogs and cats, cannot take care of themselves and are completely dependent upon us to have all their basic needs met. They need regular medical and dental care, just like we do. They need a roof over their heads, just like we do. They need a warm, clean, comfortable place to sleep, just like we do. They need balanced, nutritious and tasty meals (yes, imagine that; they have tastebuds just like we do!), just like we do. They are totally at our mercy to provide them with these necessities.

Rescue does NOT promote breeding. When the rescues and shelters are ALL EMPTY, and there are no more homeless, loveless animals awaiting death by euthanization, or by getting mangled by an automobile, or by painfully and miserably suffering through a neglected illness, THEN we'll think about it. Therefore, all rescued animals MUST BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED.

Our pets are living, breathing, beings, that feel pain, fear, grief, anxiety, and most importantly, LOVE. They love us unconditionally even though we, as a species, tend to regard them as little more than disposable pieces of property, to be shoved aside and forgotten when we're no longer amused by them. It is up to those of us who in turn love animals to make up the difference, and to support one another in our goals to make this world a better place for animals.

You are not ENTITLED to a dog simply because you want one. We may not feel that you are well-equipped to be a Chihuahua owner, however, that is most likely not a reflection of you as a human being, or how good a person you are. We are not standing on street corners passing out pets to anyone who'll have them. We are painstakingly making decisions over the lives of these innocent little creatures. The information available to us for making these decisions is very limited. Therefore, please don't take it as a personal affront to your self if you are turned down for adoption. We are just doing the best we can. We make a committment to these dogs the moment we take them in, to provide them with the best lives possible, and only the most loving and ideal of homes to live in for the rest of their lives. It is our intense desire to live up to this committment, always. -- P.A.L.