Graphic by Susan Rios

My Daddy hit me…

Oh Daddy,

Please don't spank me again.

It hurts so much,

It gives me so much pain.

All I did

was spill my drink.

I didn't mean to,

I just dropped it in the sink.

I won't tell Mommy,

Please leave me alone.

When you hit me it hurts,

That is why I moan.

I went to school

The very next day.

The teacher asked what's that?

Oh, I fell when I went out to play.

Then one night my Daddy

He came home drunk.

He pushed me down,

And my head went bump.

It hurt for a second,

But when I awoke.

I was not at home,

Where were my folks?

I saw angels around me,

But the police were at my home.

They were taking my Daddy away,

Now my Mommy would be alone.

God, my Daddy didn't mean it.

Don't let the police take him from home.

Let me go back to my house,

So my Mommy won't be all alone.

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