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First, I would like to say a word about trainers. I know there are many good ones out there but actually, there are many more who are not good. Many skip steps in training to push the horses through and there are those who think you only train a horse one way. Then there are those who are abusive to the horses and when you get your horse back he has more faults than when it was sent out. For all this, you pay good money.

I hope everyone who visits this page will be exceptionally careful regarding trainers and to heavy investigation work before you spend your hard earned money. With that, I would like to introduce two trainers who are NOT abusive to horses and although these are so busy, we have to make appointments a year in advance, I hope you will keep them in mind and if not remember your horse is a gift from above.


28105 Westchester Road

Freeport, Ohio 43973

Phone: (740) 658 3261

Clark has been training for a good many years and loves to teach horses to work cattle, handle obstacles and accept unusual situations. He has worked with many stallions and you would not believe that he will ride stallions side by side, pony one from the other, and when done, they remain quiet around mares when tacked also. This is a big plus in my book. Below are 4 pictures of him working stallions at a NFQHA point show.

ALSO...If you saw the demonstration at 2001 Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, you would have seen what some would consider a miracle. Clark took ten horses and riders, green broke stallions, green riders, some mares and some experienced riders and put together a demonstration that brought people to their feet. Done to music, they performed a ride that represented the Foundation Quarter horse and it's uses. There was not only precision riding, which included a pinwheel, but some pole bending, using other horses as poles. There was reining, cutting, and roping. This all done with adverse weather conditions for practice. Can you imagine working green stallions side by side with other stallions and mares with NO problem? Many thanks for a job well done to Clark, Bobby and the rest of the team, including those wonderful Foundation Quarter Horses.

Clark had a serious injury in 2002, his son Jesse will be starting the training on horse back now. Clark is however, back in the saddle again. Well he was, now has had a hip replacement. Contact Jesse for training information.

John Bratnick

West Farmington, Ohio

Phone: (330) 562 3216

John is also a veteran trainer and has a good record showing reining horses. He likes to start from scratch and take his time making a finished reiner. He will give you an honest opinion and will work with you and your horse, giving private lessons.

John at the World Championship Reining Show.

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