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Here is information on Torch.
This Stallion has a great temperment and is very quick to learn and retain. We are pleased he is 89% foundation and registered with the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association. This will be his first servicing year and we are anticipating his carrying forward his intelligence and looks to his first foal crop. We were pleased to show him in In Hand Trail at the last NFQHA Ohio point show and place after only 15 minutes of training at home and a brief familiarizing at the show grounds with a strange handler.

To prove a point, after the show, we were cleaning his stall and he was in the paddock where be began tapping on the bridge to get our attention and then proceeded to cross it on his own, then over the ground poles, and then to the gate to the round pen where he pushed it open, walked through, turned around and closed it, then repeated the gate. His look was one of a smarty pants.

We will be taking a few mares for trial breeding to him this spring (private treaty)