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Mira thought she should start in immediately eating...oats? Mira so thankful for her birth, prayed regularly.

Mira and Tracy, who is starting her, got along well on her first day under saddle. Picture shows first 10 minutes of carrying a saddle. She was so proud she ran to her mother San Dee to show off. Later, she was mounted and was just as proud. She will make a fine youth horse.8/2002

Mira is truly a miracle baby, born through the ingenuity of her parents and was hidden during her pregnancy until she "popped" out. We didn't breed the mare because we felt it might cost her her life. Sandee and God must have had a pact because, one August morning, there she was, adorable. Of course, as a 25 year veteran with horses, I felt rather stupid.

This filly is full of energy and a lovely dun with black points. She shows her breeding from her parents: DUN N BLAZE and IMA SAN DEE STAR. She is a smart one and has the speed and agility of both her parents. At six months, Mira is the 5 inches from her mother's wither height. She is going to 16 hands. We have now started her under saddle with out a buck. She showed her mother her saddle with pride and then went on to work at a walk around barrels with little encouragement. This horse will make a fine all around. She had herding instinct and is quiet with the capablility of good speed. SHE IS FOR SALE.

Stay tuned for updates.