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We are pleased to introduce Dun N Blaze, our triple registerable Stallion (AQHA, Buckskin Association, and NFQHA at 84%). He is a very athletic horse and has been trained in reining, pleasure and on cows. He does well with all. As he matures he is getting over an abusive trainer that got him at age 3 and cut and whipped him. It even took a long time for him to forgive me for sending him there. However, with the help of John Bratnick (Aurora, Ohio) and Clark Howell (Freeport, Ohio) he has learned that not all riders are going to abuse him. We have ridden children on him and have ridden him bareback. DB produces fast, intelligent and agile offspring. We have sold two of them as contest horses, one as a reiner and currently have two foals on the farm. Both show some of his physical characteristics that go back to his sire, Ima Torch Bearer. Check out his pedigree and see the number of champions there. Makes me dizzy to think about it.

I'M A DADDY AGAIN. Check out the fillies I have fathered. I was pleased to vacation in Kerrville,Texas this spring and visit some fine racing bred ladies there. Hopefully 2003 spring will bring six more offspring.

Miss Blazin Dividend by Db and Dividend Sal

2000 Fillies San Dees Miracle and Dunny, who's Dam is Pacific Velvet, stand 15+ hands as 2 year olds. Both have speed and agility as their father.

2002 filly by Cee Bees Lady Brass, Cee Bees Grand Toy

This intelligent stallion stands at stud here for $350.00 fee, guaranteed live foal.