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BAR O CHOCOLATE, registered AQHA and 84% NFQHA, is a great grandaughter of Clabber Bar. She is a true foundation mare, very stocky. . We have her son BUBBA (Dandy Cocoa Bubba) from a stallion Dandy Carbon Chex and he has a wonderful disposition and good looks.

We brought Cocoa home unhalter broke at age 13 and we have not worked with her much but one day, she wondered in the round pen when we were riding horses and we decided to try her. Well, she worked, except she needed power steering fluid. She accelerated just right and stopped well also. So, we have a trail horse as long as your legs can stretch across her. She is a pleasure to deal with. She is pregnant for June, 2003.

Cocoa foaled 3/2001 with a lovely chestnut foal, pictured. Her star looks like a profile of a skiier. She now resides in Texas, property of my daughter Joan's children.

Here is JO JO

JOJO at 4 months