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Learning Skills

P>Intelligence and Wisdom are the things that most matter in training skills, INT modifies the rate at which you learn a specific skill, WIS modifies how well you can learn a specific skill. You need to have at least 13 WIS or to have items that will get you to 13 WIS so you could get your skills to superb. WIS determines also when you are able to get to superb For example A barbarian with 13 WIS and 10 INT will be able to get any of his skills like his "Axes" skill to superb, but it will take a lot of training to get it to superb, since he has 10 INT... Another thing that is really important is like Ofilok's used to say: "The higher the level of the mob, the greater the increase in learning." This is also very true.... It's not the same if you parry a small black spider's hit than if you parry the attack of the famous black dragon, Khisanth (dragon that guards Xak Tsaroth), also training with a groupmate doesnít work. So be sure to be ungrouped first, I never trained with other players cause I don't think it actually works, but you can try it anyway. When you are going to train a specific skill, like bash some people say you should remove +bash items. I don't know why exactly you should, I personally don't think thereís a difference, itís up to you to remove them or not, but what you should do when practicing bash is wear a shield. When you are training your skills you could receive two types of messages, either you receive enlightneds or specially skillful. This means you are progressing, in my opinion 3-5 skillfull equals 1 enlighteneds, when you have received 1 enlighteneds you should be on your way back to the guild to see if your guildmaster can train you, but this not always happens.

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