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Monks is the name that the players of Arctic have given to the new class that the gods are creating... This is a rumor and I don't know if its true, they are supposed to be a new class that would be able to hunt by its own perfectly... Monks have to be neutral, they preffer not to give an opinion about things, they don't like to talk with anyone, especially gnomes. The interesting part about Monks is that they dont use weapons... yes thats right, they don't. They preffer to fight with their fists, they also use some type of complex thecniques, I'm guessing that it's something like triping or sweeping, they are supposed to do some combat grabs too, I have no idea what that is. Also they summon some type of powers, for a short time, I think its like this: if a Monk would summon the power of the phoenix his hits will burn the enemy, if they will summon the power of a cheetah they will get more hits per turn. You get the picture... Summoning powers are supposed to be done before combat, it takes a lot of concentration to do this and can only be done at certain time. I think this means that you can only do it at day or at night. I will be posting more as soon as i find out more...

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