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This page was created on July 1st, 2000

Arctic is a superb Multi-User Dungeon, the best I have found yet, it has over 5 years old, and its growing rapidly. This role-playing game involves you into the extensive, magical and misterious world of Krynn, a world where you can easily find over 30 races, but sadly you can only play 10 races, with 9 totally different classes(and a new one in the making?Monks??), all of them well developed and created. This MUD has a really extensive list of items each of them with a unique ability and stats, as well as the extensive collection of spells.

Item stats Here You will find the actual lore of over 370 items found all over Krynn , including Item type, material, weight, value and more.
Download gMUD(197KB) This is a simple and essential small program with the basic stuff you will need.
Races of Krynn Here you will find info about the 10 races of Arctic.
Mage Spells Spells and more spells, this is essential for a mage... Don't know what Feeblemind does? Wanna know what circle is it? You will find over 50 mage spells.
Learning Skills A little help to boost those skills to superb.
Druid Spells Got Druid Spells? send detailed stuff to
Cleric Spells Got Cleric Spells? send detailed stuff to
Rumors about Monks Is a new class coming to Arctic? Could it be true? Find out a little more here...

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If you want this site to grow please e-mail me exact directions to zones, as well as where are the harder mobs and the level uyou have to be to solo it or to enter in a group... I also need to know where you can get books, the highest stats a race or class can get... ANYTHING usefull i will put it on this page...

Item Stats - Download gMUD - Races of Krynn - Mage Spells - Learning Skills - Rumors about Monks

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