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The Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Columbus will be holding the annual vintage computer and video game swap meet on Saturday August 23rd 2014. Due to circumstances beyond our control. The community building is no longer available. So the swap meet will be held at at a new place this year.I also would like to add that this new place might be smaller. Also there might not be the same amount of tables as before. So for now we are limiting the tables to 2 per dealer. If we find that there are still tables available. Then the vendor(s) will be able to use them. Also we have noticed in the past that people reserve tables and not show up. So if a dealer does not show up by 8:30 am. the day of the show, there table might be given to someone else. As you might notice, we have a new name. This year we are going to include all vintage and classic computers and video games, systems, accessories, games, and software. I will try to create a floor plan page. So vendors can use it to pick out the table(s) that they desire. So please check our web site often for updates. So please contact us if you would like to set up. Please let us know if you would like some tables. I contacted the people at the church. They let me know how many tables that they have. From what I understand they are using some of the tables for other things. So we don't have as many tables as we did last year.

Maynard Ave. United Methodist Church
2350 Indianola Ave.
Columbus, Oh.
The church is located on Indianola Ave several blocks south of Hudson St.

Right now the time for the swap meet is from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We have something new this year!

Admission is FREE! FREE! FREE!
That is right, it is free for both vendors and shoppers! Vendors, please contact us to reserve tables. As it will be first come first serve. We may have to limit the number of tables for each vendor. As I mentioned above. I will try to get a floor plan created for the room in the church. So that dealers will be able to see what table(s) are available and be able to pick out what table(s) they want.
Please check back often for updates and further information.


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