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Love Songs
Who You Are To Me
My Heart's Yours To Take
Dreams Do Come True
The Only Thing I Care About Is You
Better Aquainted
Love Struck
She's A Keeper

A Letter
Memoirs Of A Soldier
'Til I Met You
When I Lay Down To Sleep
Christmas Poem
I Want To Tell You
As I Glare Into Space
Deep In Thought
I Met You In The Oddest Place
When You Look At Me

Rap Songs
The Local Swat
Statistic of Someone Gone Ballistic
Pass the Rock
The Feds Broke Into My Crib

Songs, Other
I'm Either Gonna Make It
Least of My Worries
Shit Like That
I Will Miss You, Will You Miss Me
If You Don't Want Me To Go
Please, Please Don't Cry
Isn't It Worth Fighting For
A Teenage Mother
Looking For An Easy Way Out

Not For the Faint of Heart
(Sorta Like Funny Rap Songs)
Perverted Principal
Prank Callin'
It Ain't Easy Pleasing Your Woman
My Best Friend's Girlfriend
I Was Drunk

If You Like NSYNC
I Understand
I'm Game
Show Me
Tell Me
Where Did I Go Wrong
For Me

Bob Dylan

Pictures of Me

  • The Toddler Years (1982-1986)
  • Younger Days (1987-1990)
  • Getting Older (1993-1996)
  • Recent (1997-2000)

  • 2000 BCW

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