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Lil Candle Shop

Handmade scented gel candles

Shown here:3 oz.(Jar) Gel candle, 3 oz.(Small) Gel candle, 8 oz. (Medium) Gel candle, 16 oz. (Large) Gel candle.

Available sizes:

The quantity of each item is changeable on the order page which also includes the shipping and handling fees.

All information goes through secured server. Please scroll down to order.

Available Scents:

  1. Apple Pie

  2. Apricot

  3. Baby Powder

  4. Black Cherry

  5. Blueberry

  6. Cappucino

  7. Cinnamon

  8. Cranberry

  9. Cucumber Melon

  10. Green Apple

  11. Hazelnut Coffee

  12. Honeydew Melon

  13. Honeysuckle

  14. Irish Cream

  1. Jasmine

  2. Lavender Rose

  3. Lilac

  4. Mulberry

  5. Orange Dreamsickle

  6. Peaches & Cream

  7. Pearberry

  8. Pina Colada

  9. Raspberry

  10. Sex on the Beach

  11. Strawberry

  12. Sunflower

  13. Tropical Fruit

  14. Victorian Vanilla

  15. Watermelon

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