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Lady Cherokee's Lodge

Hello, my name is Lady Cherokee, welcome to my lodge ... Pull up a blanket, sit for a while and relax. Listen to the stream as it flows over the rocks of the creekbed, splashing against the embankment, Watch as the mighty Eagle flies over head and Feel the Heart of a once forgotten people who refused to fade into the background. For those of you wondering, I am Native American (Cherokee, Choctaw and Blackfoot Souix)and very PROUD of it. But unfortunately for my generation, it's getting harder and harder to learn the traditional ways, as only a few elders are left to pass on this beautiful legacy. I personally would like to thank the following people.. Wyndd Drummer Woman, Nancy Swartz, Sheila Fewkes, Dave Whitefeather, Josephine King and most of all, my mother, Wenonah Clear Skies Waugh.

Every once in a while, I will meet a very talented Native American that deserves special recognition even though they may not think so. I have developed this special place on my site, that I called "Native Gathering". Here, You can meet many talented Native American's so, please check it out. This site includes a variety of talents.

In one way or another...we have all be touched by a Native American. "Memory Lane" offers a chance to remember those special indivduals that we all know and love. If you want to submit to this page.. please drop me an email at the bottom of the page.

I'm under construction right now, but feel free to come back anytime. I will be adding a picture soon so you will be able to see me.. but as I said I am under onstruction, so please Bear with me.. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!