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This Page Will Be Done In About One Week...

Character building is one of the most important part of Diablo II. Bad skills/stats equals boring and annoying to have to level with such a horrible character. Well that can all stop right if you either follow these simple guidelines or read the full strategy to perfect the character of your choice. Here you can also ask others questions if you are not sure and get tips from your other players. Although you will have to find items yourself we can atleast make your character what you always wanted it to be. I hope you find this helpful...

(Remove HTML Between the Parenthesis after reading example) Inside each of these characters strategy you should place a link called Skills and make put it at the top of each page. Inside of the Skills try to get a picture of the same form of art for each character and put one of the picture of that char in their corresponding strat most likely at the top and then put this kind of thing for each skill spaced by the divider I use in the amazon strategy that not done and and needs redone for obvious expanion purposes.

Example of Skill Info:

Amplify Damage -
A curse that enhances your damage on enemies it is casted on.

Usage/Review: A prequisit skill used only early in the game since necromancers tend not to use their own physical damage past level 24. It is best used on a Boss/Champion to take them out easier because it can more than double your damage almost leaving it at level 1. Put (1) point into it.

Max Skill Power:
.... Might want to add this too because it would be very sueful without telling every levels power.

( The divider in the Amazon strat should be put here ) (Note : If you cannot do a good review for certain skills just tell me which ones and I will do those.) (Delete from here up to the parenthesis and put this kinds of thing where I told you and if you have questions email me.)