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  1. OrderOfDeath's Rule Book
  2. Dont Dis The Master Or Clan
    1. No Cheating At All And Were Only On Closed Realm Battle Net So You Cant Anyway!
    2. No Fellow Pking Members At All!
    3. No Stealing Other Clan Members Items!

  3. You Have To Be On Atleast Four Times A Week Unless You Email Or Botmail Us That You Will Be Gone And For How Long (Before You Leave)
    1. You Can Keep Your Account In This Clan But If You Would Like To You Can Make A New Char. With -OD attached.

    2. Since A Tag Isnt Required We Would Like You To Keep In Your Profile Which You Can Access By Right Clicking On Your Character In A Chat Room And Put Are Clan Tag In There " =OD= ", Your Rank, And Clan OrderOfDeathz.

    3. You May Not Piss Any Clan Members Off Unless You Got A Very Good Reason To.

  4. You Will Not Get Help Unless You Have Some Proof Of What You Report.
    You Can Take A Screen Shot Of Whats Happening Or Of The Message Log Or Chat By Pressing M Then Print ScreenIts To the Right Of F12.
    1. You Can Duel Just Be Reasonable And Let Them Be Ready And Have Their Body And Gold Unless You Have Agree To Do That Shit.
    2. -Rules For Getting Awards/Items For Special Duels-
      1. You Must Challenge Your Opponent And You Must Both Email.Botmail _____ To Have A Fair Monitered Match With A Battle Judge Present.
      2. You Must Both Have A Set Time For This And Be There When It Is.
      3. Once A Duel Is Made Then You Must Finish It Without Running To Town.{I Say This Because Barbarians Tend To Run To Heal After Battle Orders Wears Off Or They've Taken Some Damage.
      4. There Can Be Extra Duel Rules Including No healing, Just Spells, And Much More Wich You Can Choose From Which Should Be Up Soon.

  5. Kill List Rules
    1. Hunt Them Down, Kill Them, Scam Them, Screw Them, Annoy Them, Scare Them Do Whatever Ya Can K.

  6. Sign Into The Members Page Or Channel Atleast Four Times A Week To See Clan Wars Possibly Up!{Looking For Ways To War.)
    1. This Way You Wont Miss Out On Important Stuff
    2. Everything Will Be Decided And Posted A Few Days Ahead In The Members Only Need To Know Section

  7. Obey Members Higher Rank Than You At All Times Unless A Even Higher Member Says Something To Change That.
    1. Respect Them And later On You Will Get That Respect.
    2. Give the Highest Ranking Member In Your Game Your Ideas And Suggestions Or Email Me At
    3. If You Are In The Channel And A Higher Ranking Member Enters, You Should Be Cool And Do As They Say If It's Not Crazy.

  8. Be Helpfull To ALL Members Of The Clan
    1. Everyone Should Get Heard So Let other People Speak To You. Dont Just Ignore Them.

    2. Report All Breaking Of Rules To
      1. If Your A Member Being Annoyed Or Harrased Report It To The Master.
      2. Do Not Make Dumb Shit Up Because It Could Get You Kicked Out.
      3. By Doing Any Of This You Can Be Kicked From The Clan, Or Get A Punishment Decided By The High Council, And More. If You Do Good Things You Can Get Free Money, Items, Promotions, And More.
      4. Help Others

    3. Try To be Helpful To Other Players If Asked Or Asking Them If They Want It And Maybe If You Get Well Known For Helping People Will Comment You And You May Be Awarded Or Noticed Extra In Some Way.

    4. Now Just Obey The Rules!

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