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Order Of Death - Ranks

Rank 0
Level Rank
1 - 12 Peasant
13 - 20 Scout
21 - 30 Warrior
31 - 40 Guard
41 - 46 Rogue
47 - 52 Knight
53 - 58 Med Warrior
59 - 65 General
66 - 70 Bishop
71 - 78 *Royal* Guard
79 - 85 War Lord
86 - 90 Hero
91 - 95 Holy/Death Knight
96 - 98 Assasin
99 *Royal Hero*

Royal & Special Ranks

Master(1) Rules Over Clan, Does Mostly All HTML Work, Makes Final Decisions, Helps Newbies.Requirements - You Cannot Earn This But Can Alwayz Help me Out As I Will Alwayz Help You!
2nd Leader(1) Helps Out The Master With Basically Everything Like Helping New Members, Giving Out Items To People Who Deserve Them, And Lots Of Other Things Like A Second In Command Type Of Person. Requirements - (1)Trusted By The Master (2)A Really Helpful Person Ends Up Being This. Picked By Master. Give Me A Cool Name For This Thats Modern Unlike Assistant, Apprentice, Vice-Master Because Those Just Are Dumb!
High Council(7) Does a Little Of Everything... Gives The Master Advice, Makes A Vote Decision Either Themself Or To The Whole Clan Throughout The Day. Plans Events And Reports The Information To The Master To Add To The News. Requirements - (1)Master Trusts You (2)Voted To Be One
Royal Guards(4) Protects And Helps The Master/Clan Members/Squads When Needed. Requirements - (1)Above Level 70 (2)Voted To Be One (3)A Long Term Member
Recruiter(4) Is Allowed To Recruit New Members Anytime. Gets Accounts/Character Names/Level/Class/Email And Emails The New Recruit The Clan Message. Requirements - (1)Voted for It (2)Must Know Alot About Diablo 2
StealthAssasin(1) Steals Things From other Clans, Declares Clan Wars,Handles Wars On Are Clan If He Can. Hunts, Kills, Annoys PKers On Are Kill List. Requirements - (1)Voted To Be It (2)Long Term Member (3)Above Level 60
Count/Countess(2) Distributes Items From The Clan Vault As Tournament/Game Awards. Requirements - (1)Voted To Be It (2)Long Term Member (3)Above Level 70
Scribe(2) Handles Email From Members Including: Problems, Questions, Donations,Help, N Everthing else. Requirements - (1)Chosen By The Master
Treasurer(2) The treasurers are elected by their fellow clansmen. To be elected, they must be very active and accessible, as well as being courteous to their fellow clansmen. These people probably spend a lot of time socializing and helping out new and old members alike. The treasurers are responsible for the Clan Treasury. Every 2 weeks, the treasurers will go around collecting a small tax from each clansman. Clansmen who donate items to the Clan will also go to the treasurers. All gold and items for the clan will be stored on the mule characters created by the treasurers. The treasurers have the power to distribute clan items as they see fit. The High Council members will no doubt wear the best equipment but ALSO donate a lot of great items. Although they seem to have unlimited Treasury powers, they must comply to Squad Leader's requests for items. At the end of each month, they must make a report of total clan gold and a list of clan items that their mule characters are carrying. This report will then be posted in the Private Members' Area. Once out of office (3-month term), they are expected to donate some rare & unique items to the Treasury. They may keep the unique pieces they were using. All gold and items on their mule characters must then be passed on to the treasurers next in office. Requirements - (1)Voted To Be It (2)Trusted By The Master (3)Long Term Member (4)Above Level 50
Battle Judge(3) Monitors Duels To Determine A Fair Winner. Reports To The Master To Be On The Duel Section.
News Reporter(1) The News Reporter is responsible for reporting all recent happenings within the clan. These reports will be written in the clan forum for all clansmen to read.
Squad Leaders (4)

Squad Leaders are appointed by the High Council. These people have demonstrated great recruiting abilities and leadership skills. As a Squad Leader, he/she has indirect access to the Clan Treasury. They can make requests to the High Council or the Associates. The requests will be fulfilled. If a Squad Leader feels that his/her requests were unfulfilled, the High Council will look into the matter and deal with the individuals who did not comply with their request.
Squad Leaders may remove any person he/she does not see fit for his/her squadron. No explanation is necessary. The High Council has complete trust in the Squad Leader's decisions. The person will be placed into another squadron. This is to make it possible for specialty squads (eg: Character specific Squads).
Squad Leaders MUST lead some treasure raids. He/She will gather his treasure hunters personally. While on a treasure raid, please remember that the purpose of these events is to gather gold and items for the Clan Treasury. The Squad Leader may keep some items for himself/herself. Hopefully they will give some very fine items to the Clan Treasury. Unproductive Squad Leaders will be de
Squad Assistant
(1 for every squad)
The Squad Assistants are responsible for helping the Squad Leaders. They are in charge of taking attendance, gathering the Squad Members for treasure raids, and generally helping out the members in the squad. In the absence of the Squad Leader, the Squad Assistant will temporarily take over the duties of the Squad Leader. If the Squad Leader gets demoted, the Squad Assistant will become the new Squad Leader.
Squad Members
(6 in each squad)
When a person joins the clan, they will be put into a squad as soon as possible. Together with the Squad Leader and Squad Assistant, they will form an 8-person party, going on treasure raids together.
Class Master When a Clansman reaches Lvl 55, he or she has the choice of becoming a Guild Master (if there isn't already a Guild Master of his/her class). The Guild Masters are responsible for helping the clansmen of their class, guiding and helping members with their stats and skill choices if they need advice. The Guild Masters are the most experienced players of their class. If they write a guide or tips for their class, these will be posted in the Private Members' Area
Channel Holder(3)
A ClansMen that is either on their computer playing Diablo II, or active doing something else on their computer. If they are not doing one of those, they are AFK in channel Clan OD. They must be able to leave their computer untouched for as long as needed. This is now a needed clan asset because of Blizzard banning all bot use outside of public chats.
New Recruit A New Member To The Clan Must Be Voted On At Weeks Clan meeting To Join Clan After We Have Atleast 40+ Members. ( Proves Themself For The Week Basically)!

Note: To Get Any Special And Royal Rankings You Must Send The Me An Email On Why You Should Be That And At The Meetings Or When Im On I Will Talk To Each Person About Becoming One Of Those Special And Royal Ranks.

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16 Regular & 17 Special Ranks...