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Meet The NPC's...

NPC's Stands For Non-Players Characters. In Diablo II There Are NPC's In Each Of The Four Acts. The NPC's In Diablo II Sell You Items Such As Armor, Weapons, And Potions. Some NPC's Allow To Hire Mercs To Help You Fight. The Mercs Are Sort Of Like Minions. Since The Mercs Aren't Very Good Except In Act III I Would Use Them More As A Distraction For Enemies. There Are Also Enemies That Reward You, Give You Services, And Give You Knowledge About The Different Quests That You Have. For All The Information About Each NPC Scroll Down And Look At The One You Are Intrested In...

Rouge Encampment - Act I

Lut Gholein - Act II

Kurast - Act III

Panedemonium Fortress - Act IV


Act I: Rogue Encampment

How She Helps:
[Free Health And Mana Replenish]

[Den Of Evil]
[The Cairn Stones]

Whats For Sell:
[ Staves, Scepters, Wands]
[ Magic Staves, Scepters, Wands]
[ Tomes, Scrolls, Keys, Potions (minor healers) ]

Quest Info:

-Den Of Evil-

"There is a place of great evil in the wilderness. Kashya's rouge scouts have informed me that a cave nearby is filled with shadowys creatures and horrors from beyond the grave."

"I fear that these creatures are massing for an attack against are encampment. If you are sincere about helping us, find the dark abyrinth and destroy the foul beasts. May the Great Eye watch over you."

-The Cairn Stones-

"It is clear that we are facing an Evil difficult to comprehend, let alone combat. There is only one Horadrim Sage, schooled in the most arcane history and lore, who could help us... his name is Deckard Cain. You must travel to Tristram. I pray that he is still lives."

Extra Info:



How She Helps:
[Repairs, Buys, Imbues, And Sells Items]

[Tools Of The Trade]

Whats For Sell -
[ Normal Armor/Weapons]
[ Magic Armor/Weapons]
[ Bolts, And Arrows]

Quest Info:

-Tools Of The Trade-

"When I fled the Monastery, I left behing my Horadric Malus, an enchanted smithing hammer. If you can retreive it for me, I will use its magic to strengthen your equipment."

Deckard Cain
Cain is a character from Diablo I that you should save from Tristram because you benefit greatly with him throughout the game. He is a monk with the ability to indetify items and is very wise.

How He Helps:
[Identifies Items]
(Note: If you did not rescue him from Tristram yet, he will not be there unless someonelse has rescued him in the game your in. He will still make you pay money to identify items if you haven't done the quest but someonelse in the game has.)
[Quest Help]

[Sisters To The Slaughter]

What He Can Indentify -

[ Unidentified Normal Items]
[ Unidentified Magic Items]
[ Unidentified Rare Items]
[ Unidentified Unique Items]
[ Unidentified Set Items]

Quest Info:

-Sisters To The Slaughter-

"It is certain that we face the demon queen Andariel, who has corrupted the rogue sisterhood and defiled their ancestral monastery. This does not bode well for us, my friend."

Ancient Horadric texts record that Andariel and the other lesser evils once overthrew the three prime evils-Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal-banishing them from Hell to our world."

Here, they caused mankind untold anguish and suffering before they were finally bound within the Soulstones."

Andariel's presence here could mean that the forces of Hell are once again aligned behind Diablo and his brothers. If this is true, then I fear for us all. You must kill her before the Monastery becomes a permanent outpost of Hell and the way east lost forever."


How She Helps:
[Danger Warning]
The Only Reason I Think She Could Help Is Early On If Your Running From Alot Of Monsters In The Cold Plains She Would Shoot At Them Once You Enter The Blood Moor And Take A Little Bit Of Health From Some Of The Monsters While You Fight Them.

Quest and Quest Info:


How He Helps:
[Buys, Sells, And Gambles Off Items]


Whats For Sell -
[ Normal Armor/Weapons]
[ Magic Armor/Weapons]
[ Keys]

Quest Info:



How She Helps:
[Hires Mercenaries]

[Sisters' Burial Grounds]

Mercenary Info -
[Level: 3-10 ]
[ Gold (cost):150-490]
[ Damage: 1-3 or 2-4]
[ Life: 30-60]
[ Defense: 15-45]
[ Special Attack: None/Cold Arrow/Fire Arrow]
(Note: Mercenaries Are Only Hireable After You Defeat Blood Raven. When You Return To Kashya After Defeating Blood Raven She Will Give You One Random Free Merc. . After That You Have To Buy Your Mercs. .

Quest Info:

Sisters' Burial Grounds

"My Rogue scouts have reported an abomination in the Monastery graveyard! Apparently, Andariel is not content on taking only the living. Blood Raven, one of our finest captains in the battle against Diablo at Tristram, was also one of the first to be corrupted by Andariel. Now you'll find her in the Monastery graveyard raising our dead as zombies! We cannot abide thise defilement! If you are truly our ally you will help us destroy her."

Warriv How He Helps:
[Quest Help]
[Travels You East]

Quests And Quest Info: