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The Sorceress is Way Underused Cuz Too Many Idiots Dont Understand The Sorceress Is The Perfect Diablo 2 Fighter...If Only They Knew How To Build Them.Well Now Anyone That Doesnt Know Will Be Happy That I Have Alot To Say On How To Build The Sorceress.The Three Skill Sets That The Sorceress Can Develop Are Fire,Lightning,Cold.As With The Other Characters,The Skills Are Developed In Each Area Will Ultimately Decides The Sorceresses Fate Since She Relys On Mana And Good Skills To Survive. So basically Dont Use The Frikin Sorceress If You Want To Use Alot Of Swords And Armor Because Then You Must ForGet Any Skills And Focus On trying To Catch Up With Strength and Dexterity Hehe. To Start You Might Want To Choose Two Skill Sets Too Develop Only So You Can Be Very Good Even Too The Hardest Stuff You Find