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DB Technologies, Inc.

Safety and Management

Courses are available for both the technical and management aspects of fire safety and hazardous materials.   Training and consulting is available on your site, custom tailored to your needs.

2001 Courses

Fire and Emergency

New courses will be added in the Spring of 2002

  • Hazardous Materials Courses (Awareness, Operations, Technician, Specialist, and Incident Commander)


  • Working Overseas


  • Fireworks Operations in China


  • Fireworks Regulations


  • Construction Management in Large Scale Operations


  • Hazard and Risk Assessment


DB Technologies, Inc., located in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest, most experienced consultants in the safety field.  DB Technologies has more than 30 years of experience, in a wide variety of segments of the safety industry, at the local, state, National, and International levels.  Consultants from DB Technologies are known the world over for their understanding of the emergency management industry and are recognized industry leaders in the field of explosives and fireworks.

Contact Dave Bowman of DB Technologies today to discuss your training and organizational needs and find out how DB Technologies can help you get organized, trained, and safe.

DB Technologies, Columbus, Ohio

"The Heart of Ohio"

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