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International Fireworks Symposium

In the spring of 2002, DB Technologies will conduct its fourth seminar for officials and industry leaders, from both the United States and China, to address quality control and regulations.  

Like the previous seminars, this event will be conducted in Honolulu, Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Liuyang, China, to accommodate a wide variety of participants.

Event Speakers

Cheng Hiaua

Mr. Cheng is a marketing official for one of the largest firework's exporters in China.  He has led China in quality control and possesses an outstanding understanding of U.S. firework's regulations.  Mr. Cheng has extensive experience as a fireworks factory technician.

Martin Yan

Mr. Yan has operated a fireworks brokerage business in Hong Kong for many years.  From his offices in Hong Kong and the United States, he will provide a unique insight from the broker's perspective.

One of three International Fireworks Seminars, conducted by DB Technologies will be conducted on the beautiful Island of Oahu.  Dave Bowman is shown below right visiting the Pali Overlook while doing business in the Pacific Rim Office in Honolulu. The picture on the left is in Newark, NJ, getting ready for the 16 hour flight to Hong Kong.

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