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Short and sweet I love this site but don't edit it very often so if you want very up to date info and more pics and things go to Facebook. I am on that all the time. There are a lot of pics there too.
I got rid of the anime section I like it but I need more room for pics. I am revamping the portrait room check for new stuph. God bless!

The Gallery is a collection of my drawings click one of my pretty thumbnails to view the whole image.
Pallas words is a collection of my poetry, they're in categories so don't get lost ^_^.
The portrait room contains some pics of me and various friends, & will be under construction for a while.
Temple thoughts is a page about God, explaining what I believe and why.
The Library is still in progress but will contain a collection of original works by some of my closest acquaintances.
Update! In the temple a page on sex!
Links are noteworthy links
Then there's my guest book

If you have any questions, wanna talk, or have suggestions E-mail me


Baby Pictues!
Some facts about Evolution (work in progress)
Palace Gallery
Pallas Athena...words...
Portrait Room
Temple thoughts

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lots of original, pics, poetry, stories & home of Anime Universe.