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1986 Mercury Capri 5.0

I have a 1986 Mercury Capri with a stock 302 ci H.O. 5.0L engine. Well, The time is here for me to give up some of my toys, and the Capri is one of them. This is a great sports car, and super for summer fun. The T-Top is a great look that not to many sports cars have, if any now a days. I have had this car since March of 2000, but it has been hardly driven at all in that time. April of 2000 is when I tore the car apart and put the new front clip, hood, hood scoop, hatch, spoiler, rust free doors (from N.C.), and tires. Also, I added better rims, seats, and dash pad. There will be more of a list of parts near the bottom. In June of 2000 I had a work accident that kept me out of the driverís seat until February of 2001. At that time, I only drove the car drove to the body shop (nice sunny day), where it was until late May, or early June of 2002. In March of 04 it developed a charging issue. Because of a new job, and my new born son, the repairs had to wait. That problem was solved, and now it runs like a champ! Now, with my one year old, and job taking up most of my time, I feel it is now time to let this car go to a new home. This car has seen only 9 rainy days since I have owned it, and NEVER has he seen the snow, or any winter weather. Before I get into the highs and lows of the car, I will let you know what ELSE you will get when you buy this car. So, not only will you get the great, low production number car (I was told 155 with the option package) you get a web page, made solely to promote this Mercury Capri, and to help other get their cars noticed. You will get a link to sign up for our FREE on line car club (Mercury Rising) exclusive to the owners of these Fox Body Mercury Capris. There will be many parts that I have sitting around as well. Not to sure what I have any more, but I know it will be a complete back seat set, extra center caps for the wheels, miscellaneous trim and other small parts. Plus, you will get the red and black paint that was left from the body work done. That way the chips can be made with an exact paint match. You will also get a complete collection of Mercury Capri dealership brochures from 1979-1986, any and all Capri photos emblem/letter measurements, and other various Capri media. In that you will find a design for the car club T-shirt that I came up with for the shirt I wore when I had the car in shows. On that note, you will also get a custom hat (never worn) made for the shows as well as a couple of models that I built. One of those is almost an exact replica (see pics) of the car for sale here. So, with this purchase, you will get EVERYTHING Mercury Capri that I own. From die cast models to the real life car. Ok, now for the details on this car. What I did was take thing I liked from the 1979-1986 Capri, and put it on one car. This is the second Capri that I owned, so this was in the plans way before this 5.0 came along. You will see the dash and door emblems from an 80 RS, a hood scoop from an 81 RS Turbo, hatchback from an 81 RS Turbo, the spoiler from an 82 RS, and the VERY rare RS body emblems from the 85 RS (only made half the production year of 85), and everything else is the stock 1986. The only non stock part on this car is the fender mounted cold air intake, but still have the stock one in storage. Shortly before I bout the car it had the radiator and transmission replaced. Also, they added a new transmission cooler. I put all of the parts listed above on as well as new door and t-roof weather stripping, door hinges, front pads, rotors, and bearings. In early March of 04 I got the seats recovered, and put the carpet in the hatch. Because of an old injury, I was not able to install (it is included) the carpet for the front of the car. Shortly after, it developed a charging problem, but it is now fixed. I replaced the positive and negative battery cables, the alternator, alternator clip, and put in a new battery, a red topped Optima. About a week ago, we re-did the top of the motor with a fresh coat of paint, and customized the plate on the top of the intake to match the car. Also, I put in new red Motorsport wires that look nice as well. There are really only a couple of things that I can think of that will need some attention on this car. The windows will need to be adjusted (not able to do one handed), as some of the new stuff does not line them up right. The breaks need to be bled as they are a little soft. Now, the car still stops well, but they are soft. The gas gauge is not correct. Sometimes it shows the right amount, and other it is wrong. I have been going by the mileage so I did not have a problem. Also, the head liner needs replaced, and various paint chips need some attention too. OK, I do think that is everything I can think of for the good, and the not so good. This is a very, very nice looking car for being almost 20 years old. Still very strong, and fast! Use this chance to get a great little sports car that one day (even today) will be a great collectable. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly. Now that I am done blabbing, go take a look at the pictures, and donít forget to sign the guest book, it is way down at the bottom! Iíll see you all on the road!

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