Hold up
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The UWF adventure

yo dogg, we pulled up at uwf for some skating. it was me, blake, adam, and james. everyone wanted to goto tha normal ledge, but i wanted to skate this phat pvc pipe. we had set it up the nite before. so we went over to it and before we could do anything , some bitch old guy told us not to skate. we tried to tell that dick that rollerblading was allowed. and that the po said we was allowed. he said that no cops told us that and he was calling security. so we skated over to the other ledge and after james hit a phat royal, and i got a nice soul down, the cops pulled up. he said there was complaints of skateboarders vandalizing shit, and that we fit the description of em, but we told him we didnt skateboard. that nigga took down our names and called our parents and took our pictures. then we were escorted and banned from uwf, for some shit we didnt even do.