This past spring I was walkin down to track practice with AJ and Todd. I think Adams Song had just come out. There was thing talent thing during school where this other band from our school played self esteem by the offspring and they werent to bad so I was like, we should make a band. So we did. Todd bought a guitar from his cousin and i bought my bass guitar online. AJ had a drumset already so we started playin. Thats where we r now and we suck very badly. I have no clue how to read tabs and neither does Todd. Thanx for wasting your time to read this.


Favorite Band-Blink, Fenix TX, Sum*41,and SR-71

Favorite Song-Dammit(growing up), M&M's

Biggest Influence-Mark Hoppus

Favorite Album-Enema Of The State-blink182, Fenix TX-Fenix TX


I made this page

Instrument-Lead Guitar

Favorite Band-Nine Days, Blink, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Creed

Favorite Song-Adams Song

Biggest Influence-Blink, Creed, Chilli Peppers

Favorite Album-Creed Human Clay, Chilli peppers- Californication



Favorite Band-KoRn?

Favorite Song-I have no idea

Biggest Influence-Green Day?

Favorite Album-Pure Techno or somethin like that



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