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To My
Father's Day Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of my father
William J. and to all father's.

Treasure every moment that you have!
Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called the present!!

Treasure every moment that you have with your FATHER, as mine are only memories now, memories of a hard working, talented, fun and loving FATHER.    A FATHER who worked every day to support his family, a FATHER who was taken to heaven at the young age of 56, a grandfather who never got to know all of his grandchildren, grandchildren he would have enjoyed and been proud of.

Treasure the gift that God has given you, a man you can say with pride is your FATHER.    A FATHER who is a gift to you, even if for a short time.


Father's Day is a day on which the people of many countries express gratitude and appreciation to their father's.  In the United States and Canada, Father's Day comes on the third Sunday in June.  Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, started the U.S. observance of Father's Day in 1910.


fATHER is a title of honor given to men who establish anything important in human affairs. The following list represents some of the best-known holders of this title:

Father of America - Samuel Adams
Father of American Methodism - Francis Asbury
Father of Angling - Izaak Walton
Father of Comedy - Aristophanes
Father of English History - The Venerable Bede
Father of English Poetry - Geoffrey Chaucer
Father of English Printing - William Caxton
Father of English Prose - Alfred the Great
Father of Epic Poetry - Homer
Father of Greek Tragedy - Aeschylus
Father of His Country - George Washington
Father of History - Herodotus
Father of Medicine - Hippocrates
Father of New France - Samuel de Champlain
Father of the Constitution - James Madison
Father of the Faithful - Abraham

  "Daddy's Loving Hands"     

Daddy's hands so strong and yet so weak
So hard working and so caring
The hands that guided us
Into the future

Daddy's hands so talented and yet so fun loving
So authoritative and so gentle
The hands that prepared us
For the future

For without your hands to guide us
And prepare us for the future
We would not be what we are today
Thank you Daddy for your loving hands

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Fathers Are Wonderful People
by Wilton Herbert

Fathers are wonderful people too little
And we do not sing their praises as often as
we should...
For somehow, Fathers seems to be the man
who pays the bills,
While mother binds up little hurts and nurses
all our ills...
And father works daily to live up to
"His Image"
As protector and provider and
"hero of the scrimmage"...
And perhaps that is the reason we sometimes
get the notion
That Fathers are not subject to things
we call emotion
But if you look inside Dad's heart,
where no one else can see,
You'll find he's sentimental and as soft
as he can be...
But he's busy everyday in the daily
race of life.
He leaves the sentimental stuff to
his partner and his wife...
But Fathers are just wonderful in a
million different ways,
And they merit loving compliments and
accolades of praise.
For the only reason Dad aspires to
fortune and success,
Is to make the family proud of him and
to bring them happiness...
And like our Heavenly Father, he's
a guardian and a guide.
Someone that we can count on to be always
on our side.

By Joyce Hollinder

Many things have been said
About mothers-in-law;
Sone good, some bad, they say
But what about fathers-in-law?
Don't they have something to say?
Some of them are happy,
Some are sad
Some are the best friends a
daughter-in-law has ever had.
So to mine, I'd just like to say,
God Bless you on Father's Day.

Grandpa And Me
By Grandpa Tucker

When Grandpa comes and reads to me;
I feel the sun and smell the sea.
I hear of men who caught the whales,
And then some wild safari tales.

He reads how cowboys rode the trails
And men worked hard to build the rails
That carried trains out to the west.
Then baseball stories I like best.

Grandpa can't do skateboards, though.
He's not good with nintendo.
These things I overlook, you see,
Cause I love him and he loves me.

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