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O.P.I.N. Public Statement

Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network

Dear fans of the paranormal,

I would like to start off by saying that this is a non-profit organization that deals with the advancement of knowledge of the paranaromal through communication. This is not intended to be used for publicity except within the ghost hunting community itself. We all have our stories that we have shared with one another, but a data base? The amount of information of the paranormal world is expanded greater and greater as you read this. There are so many organizations and individuals who share the common goals in investigating yet rarely bind the information together. The answers are very few and most of the "facts" are nothing more than circulated opinions. It is time that we all come together and add our two cents so that we will all cash in on our ultimate goal:

Knowledge of the truth.

In our field that seems like an impossibility, especially when this is just a hobby for most and very few of us are experts in any field that has anything to do with paranormal activity.

The Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network has many roles as well as many goals. Our main role is to gather, receive, and interpret data. We also conduct investigations, interviewing, and extended research on topics that have the most controversy or need for input in our world. Within this role we will establish as many contacts as possible forming a data base for our own efforts and to assist other ghost hunters in theirs. This is our secondary role, being a central collaborator of knowledge and contacts. We do not view this as a race to see who finds the answers first or who knows the most. Our goal is to find strength in numbers, we understand there are others that feel the same and we are willing to work with them, yet not for them.

Our base of knowledge is be made up of common perceptions of "what could be" donated by ghost hunters, and will hopefully brew itself into a scientific explanation (through further experimentation) of the paranormal activities and bring things together fact by fact into a world that can be understood by the casual observer (or disbeliever). This will be the most dangerous part of all - leaking these facts to the public. The public as a whole will never believe our work. The key is to make an impact on individuals and make our society grow and spread understanding, giving opportunity to shift the belief system in our favor (destroy the evil mind virus :) ).

The data base of contacts will include a who's who of people, places, and companies that have anything to do with ghost hunting or other facets of the paranormal. This list will be available to all who wish to freely participate with O.P.I.N. We hope to have a "We help you, you help us / you help us, we help you" business relationship with everyone. We will not try to become partial to any one group or idea, unless a democratic feeling pressures us to consider otherwise.

Our goal is simple yet complicated. We know what we want to accomplish, it's just that it is a very difficult road to maneuver and we don't want to create more confusion than we intend to solve.

This is a great opportunity for us to come together and combine our efforts to reach our ultimate potential. We at Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network believe that any news or information is important and should be valued as a potential reference for the future.

We are currently pooling local and close contacts together and finally trying to reach out to seek public support. We hold a straight-forward approach to ghost hunting. We seek permission to enter sites, we conduct investigations by scientific means (recording all data), and never jump to conclusions. We prefer to work in homes or areas that seek help or understanding of the paranormal. We embrace a simple code of conduct that permits our work to be taken seriously and legitamately.

We look forward to working with you soon.


Brian D. Parsons

President, Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network

Welcome to the world of ghost hunting

© Brian D. Parsons, Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network 1996-2007.