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What do you mean by form of ghost?

The Big Three

When we talk about ghosts we are concerned with “the big three”; apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists. These are the three main categories of what we label as “ghosts”. The terminology is sometimes confusing as many use these terms interchangeably. We use these terms as parapsychologists have defined them.

There are three major forms of "ghosts" that appear on film. They are orbs, vortexes, and mists.

It has not been proven that ghosts are directly related to orbs, mists, or vortices, but the three anomalies have been the basis for the latest movement in ghost hunting in the last decade.

Parapsychology Basics

Parapsychology is an important facet of the ghost hunting world. It is listed in the "forms" page because Parapsychology's basis for ghosts uses the brain's psychic strength, which suggests that a ghost lives virtually through the brain and would be different than the aforementioned forms. Basically the brain either assists the ghost/anomaly in being present, or the brain is used by the ghost/anomaly to appear. For our purposes parapsychology is broken down into a couple of groups. *

This is a quick (and unfortunately crude) example of what Parapsychology has to offer. I suggest that every ghost hunter familiarizes themself with these principles.

* information from "ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist's Handbook" by Loyd Auerbach. New York: Warner Books 1986. It may be old, but it is not outdated.

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