Nix's SM Site
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Nix's SM Site

Hey! Welcome to my site. I'm Phoenix, Nix for short, and this is my humble home on the web. First off, I'd like to explain what this site is all about. Yes, this site is dedicated to Sailor Moon, but it's not just a repeat of all the season summaries and character profiles you've probably seen a few million times. Instead, my site has songs, editorials, poems, and anything else that I think is interesting. I do accept contribuitions to my site, so just check out the "Adding On" section for more details. Also, feel free to e-mail me. I could always use suggestions.

You are the person to check out this site since 9-28-99. If you like it or have any suggestions please e-mail me.

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11/14/99-Why two updates so close together? Because I screwed up on my last one!!!!! There's no new content, though, I just fixed some mistakes. Sorry to anyone who saw the last version.

11/13/99-I've added my own fanfic, another song, and some other stuff, so check it out!!! Wait a sec, wasn't that how I closed my last update:)?

10/23/99-My Very First Update!! I've added some new pics, another song, and a "Part Two" to my editorial. I've also taken the copyright and lending info off of the front page and put on a page of its own. I've put a guestbook on my site too, so check it out!!! -peace, love, whatever-