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October '99

Friday, October 1, 1999

Things To Think About:

(before anything sorry I couldn't get online after I updated my page so I couldn't write.) The hardest thing to do in the world, besides starting something, is finishing. New things come up, circumstances get tough, you get busy...and you don't finish what you started. Maintain motivation by reminding yourself of your gaols often. read motivational quotes. Write down quotes that impact you. Post them in your room.

"Things do not happen in this world. They are brought about." -John M. Hoy

Monday, October 4, 1999

Things To Think About:

Have you ever thought about what friends are? I mean real friends. Well you better get thinking about how your friends treat you. If they tease you a lot then they don't really care about how YOU feel. Unless of course you don't mind. But if you tell them to stop and they don't, then they are not your friends. I mean what kind of friends would do that? You really have to think about it. Do you think your friends are ready to help you out at any moment? You must be able to rely on them when you need them. To be there for you. Friends are not just there to have fun. They must be able to meet all your expectations. I mean, this is where if you are to shy to talk to your parents you can be able to rely on them. There is absolutely no human being on earth that could survive without friends. Test them. Make up a situation. If you think that they "help" you out at this tough "situatuion you're going through" then you are able to rely on them. trust me this works out fine. I have no friend that hasn't been through some type of "test". This will allow you also to see how far you can trust them. If they will laugh at you or not. Well looks like this is the end! I'm terribly sorry I couldn't get on to write any more.

Question of the day to make you think: Why is water wet?